Album Artist Producer Release
Alarm Bells Ringing D Twizzy 24/02/2017
Preservatives D Oliver Sudden 20/02/2017
The Pick & Mix Experience D Ramson Badbonez 15/02/2017
#LP4080 D Strange U 10/02/2017
Mansion 38 D Jam Baxter Chemo 10/03/2017
The Tonic E.P. D Dr. Syntax Pete Cannon 02/09/2016
Test Subjects D Creatures Of Habit Illinformed 11/10/2016
730 D Problem Child 29/07/2016
The Chronic D Fliptrix Illinformed 06/07/2016
Patterns Of Escapism D Fliptrix Illinformed 25/11/2016
Year Of The Monkey D 09/09/2016
Mud In My Malbec D Sonnyjim 24/06/2016
Miverione: Vol 1 D Kyza 30/05/2016
Spells From The Cyclops D Onoe Caponoe 29/04/2016
The Eleventh Hour D Si Phili 11/03/2016
They’s The Rules D Elliot Fresh 15/02/2016
Suffering In Silence D Inja 09/02/2004
Pik ‘N’ Mix D Flabz 25/01/2016
Under The Influence E.P. D Flabz 12/05/2014
Nagasaki Youth Club D Ramson Badbonez 04/01/2016
Sorry Not Sorry D Badly Promoted Geniuses 09/01/2016
Chaos 93 D Ocean Wisdom 22/02/2016
A Lesson In Alchemy D Leaf Dog 03/01/2016
Turn Back E.P. D Moreone Verb T 06/12/2015
Defeat Stress E.P. D Chillman Verb T 25/12/2015
Smokers Die Younger D 13/05/2007
The Landing Part II D Mr Boss 24/09/2012
Abstract Patterns D Chillman Verb T 08/07/2016
Delta Bravo Kilo D Split Prophets 29/01/2016
Elaborate Anoraks D Dr. Syntax Pete Cannon 23/09/2015
Home Ground D Twizzy 28/11/2015
Freshly Skeletal D Dead Players 26/10/2015
Splittin’ The Racket D Ocean Wisdom 20/08/2015
No Snake D Kings Of The City 14/08/2015
Formwork D Adam Cuth 20/07/2015
Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight D Dirty Dike 21/09/2015
Crabbies And Dabs D Pro P 26/07/2015
Mystrogen Deluxe D Mystro 20/04/2015
The Mould Tape D Illinformed 09/09/2015
Hard Water E.P. D Manage Runone 14/12/2014
Ourverione E​.​P. D Kyza 31/07/2015
Picture The Plot D Cutta Chase 13/07/2015
Beats From The Balrog Chamber D 16/07/2015
Delph Efficacy D Hi Res 10/07/2015
The Man With The Foggy Eyes D Verb T Illinformed 24/08/2015
The Obituary D Sherlock Bones 02/06/2015
Kubrick D Stig Of The Dump 01/06/2015
Roll Up D Illinformed 12/05/2015
Live @ The Bonanza D Sonnyjim Micall Parknsun 11/05/2015
Aeon: Peace To The Puzzle D Scorzayzee 20/04/2015
Yesterday’s Futures D Mr Key 10/06/2015
Butter Fly D Lee Scott 27/04/2015
Chavassian Striking Distance D Ed Scissortongue Lamplighter 19/05/2015
The Pleasure Is All Mine D Dirty Diggers 26/03/2007
Freakishly Strong D Dirty Diggers 07/11/2005
MACKnificent D Joker Starr 19/03/2015
Angle One D Sparkz 09/03/2015
Hunger Pains 2 D Rewd Adams 23/03/2015
The Wedding Fund LP D Big Toast 10/03/2015
Step Steadier D The Mouse Outfit 12/03/2015
Deep In The Trenches D Life MC 05/03/2015
Evade & Seek: The EPilogue D Essa (Yungun) 09/03/2015
Amulets E.P. D Melanin9 10/06/2013
In Morocco D Telemachus/Chemo Chemo 12/08/2014
Private Moments In Public D Genesis Elijah 01/09/2014
Natural Order D The Four Owls Leaf Dog 12/02/2015
How To Tame Lions (Remixes) D Sonnyjim 01/01/2015
Phenomenaler Steaz D Oliver Sudden 05/01/2015
Born Lupers E.P. D The Mouse Outfit 05/01/2015
Voices From Planet Cattele D Onoe Caponoe Chemo 28/01/2015
Maintain The Supply D Illinformed 12/07/2014
Spaar Zoot D Verb T 10/04/2010
Bring It Back To Basics D Verb T Harry Love 21/08/2006
Backhand Slap Talk D Verb T 08/08/2004
Broken Window D Verb T The Last Skeptik 07/07/2005
Praise The Sun E.P. D Rag N Bone Man, Fliptrix Molotov 25/08/2014
Notice Of Eviction D Smellington Piff Leaf Dog 12/08/2014
So We Ate Them Whole D Jam Baxter Chemo 01/12/2014
Farm Foodz D 28/11/2014
Medicated Dreams D Verb T Verb T 09/10/2014
The Clockwork LP D Cutta Chase 15/09/2014
Fresh Flesh D Jam Baxter Jon Phonics 20/08/2014
Confessions Of A Normal Human Being D Problem Child 28/07/2014
Polyhymnia D Fliptrix Molotov 10/08/2014
The 11th Hour Massacre D Steady, Crusada 10/10/2011
Hibernation D Kyza 01/08/2014
Guest Verses & Granola Breakfasts Vol. 2 D Sonnyjim 25/07/2014
You Can Take The Cracker Out Of Croydon D Cracker Jon 28/07/2014
Upfront And Personal D Upfront MC, Split Prophets 14/07/2014
In The Hour Of Chaos D Kashmere 13/11/2007
Run Come Save Me D Roots Manuva 13/08/2001
Baileys On Ice D Baileys Brown 27/03/2014
Delicious Heat D Enlish 23/06/2014
N.E. State Of Mind D Dialect 19/07/2012
Where The Art Is (Volume 2) D Beit Nun 16/07/2012
The Kinesis Thesis D K.I.N.E.T.I.K 16/11/2009
The Kinesis Thesis Vol. 2 D K.I.N.E.T.I.K 30/05/2011
The Kinesis Thesis Vol. 3 D K.I.N.E.T.I.K 25/06/2012
The Memory Hole D Manage 26/02/2014
The Eclipse (LP) D Cutta Chase 20/05/2014
Amputated Spirit D Ceiling Demons 13/06/2014
Way Beyond The Bullshit D Twizzy 06/06/2014
Stay Sedated D Illinformed 22/05/2014
Gary Gutternsypes One Point Five D Gi3mo 15/05/2014
Hot Water Music D TPS Fam 21/02/2014
Isis Papers (Vol. 3) D Cyrus Malachi 30/06/2012
The Misadventures Of A Middle Man D Essa (Yungun) 05/05/2014
Self Driven D The Three Headed Beast 03/03/2014
Don’t Move D Adam Sherlock Bones 29/04/2014
Thorough Bred D Theme 01/05/2014
Publish Or Perish D Running Punch 14/06/2010
Cali Ku​$​h D The Bluntskins 20/04/2014
High Fidelity (E.P.) D Melanin9 03/01/2007
Lessons D Hashfinger 21/04/2014
Adventures Of Johnny Strange D Jack Jetson Leaf Dog 12/05/2014
Clouds E.P. D Mole & Iris 01/01/2008
Fucking Wing It D Culture Vultures 24/01/2014
Reverb D Verb T 21/04/2014
Encrypted Scriptures D Jyager 30/03/2009
Out The Box D Fliptrix 30/03/2009
Verbal Swardz D Iron Braydz 14/04/2014
How To Tame Lions E.P. D Sonnyjim Leaf Dog 28/04/2014
Deep Covers Project D Skuff 19/02/2011
Bar Crawl E.P. D Mystro, Micall Parknsun, Gi3mo 13/12/2013
The Three Headed Beast D The Three Headed Beast 02/05/2012
The Theremin E.P. D Ed Scissortongue 28/04/2014
The Route Of All Evil D 2nd Class Citizenz 31/01/2014
Not For The Faint Hearted D 2nd Class Citizenz 13/06/2013
Dunce Hats D Elliot Fresh 09/01/2014
Be Very Aware D BVA Leaf Dog, Illinformed 14/02/2014
Live Evil D Big Dutty Deeze 15/02/2014
Simple Days D Rag N Bone Man 184 16/12/2013
Stumbling D Longusto, Devise 08/01/2014
My Mum’s Favourite Rapper D Deadline Pete Cannon 19/11/2013
An Album Called The Sun D Sleaze 10/03/2014
The Fifth Element LP D Cutta Chase Fredo 01/01/2014
The Bluntskins D The Bluntskins Pro P 30/07/2013
Almost Famous D Big Dutty Deeze 01/08/2013
On The House D Dr. Syntax 25/12/2013
Instrumental Mental D Verb T Verb T 25/12/2013
Thanks For Trying D Rewd Adams The Last Skeptik 06/05/2013
Same Day Different Sh*t D The Last Skeptik 26/04/2010
Pro P Presents – Blunts And Crumptons D Pro P 01/06/2013
Pro P Instrumentals Volume 1 D Pro P 21/08/2012
Boom Bap Beat Tape Volume 6 D Pro P 01/12/2013
Boom Bap Beat Tape Volume 5 D Pro P 01/05/2013
Boom Bap Beat Tape Volume 4 D Pro P 01/03/2013
Boom Bap Beat Tape Volume 3 D Pro P 01/01/2013
Boom Bap Beat Tape Volume 2 D Pro P 01/11/2012
Boom Bap Beat Tape Volume 1 D Pro P 01/09/2012
Metaphysical D Metabeats 29/10/2007
Caviar Crackle D Metabeats 25/06/2013
Nature’s Greatest Remixes D Leaf Dog 23/04/2013
Electric Soul Tape (Instrumentals) D Leaf Dog 22/10/2013
Dephected Leaf’s Remix Tape (Instrumentals​)​ D Leaf Dog 24/04/2012
Dead Leaf’s (Instrumentals) D Leaf Dog 13/07/2011
The Senses E.P. D Lamplighter 16/09/2013
BLNL Instrumentals D Lamplighter 26/01/2013
All Is Vanity D Lamplighter 01/08/2009
Volume 2 – When The Needle Drops D Krate Krusaders 09/01/2012
Volume 1 D Krate Krusaders 12/06/2009
King 9 Emancipated D K9 05/05/2013
Heavy Ear Play D DJ Roast Beatz 06/11/2013
Leftfield Lounge D DJ Louis Slipperz 12/12/2007
Fat Glitches Need Love Too D Baileys Brown 31/10/2013
Eyes Speak Louder Than Words D Baileys Brown 30/05/2013
When Producers Attack!!! D 184 21/01/2013
Self Ish E.P. D Verb T Verb T 31/03/2011
Serious Games D Verb T Chemo 07/02/2011
Verbs With A Vengeance D Verb T 01/11/2008
I Remain D Verb T Verb T 23/10/2013
Self Less E.P. D Verb T Verb T 18/06/2011
Free E.P. D Verb T Verb T 27/05/2013
Morning Process D Verb T 01/10/2012
More Dynamite E.P. D Verb T JJ Malone 13/05/2012
Sound Of Evolution E.P. D Upfront MC 02/04/2012
Big Bag Of Bullshit D Twizzy 18/09/2013
Working Class Zero D Twizzy Charlie Mac 28/11/2012
Toys Get Smoked D Theme 09/10/2012
Escape Music D The Mouse Outfit 20/05/2013
The World Is TheIRS D The IRS 09/06/2007
Speaks Volumes D The IRS 05/08/2011
Nature’s Greatest Mystery D The Four Owls Leaf Dog 05/12/2011
Audio Art D The Breaks Collective 29/03/2013
In The Evening D Chemo 20/05/2013
Music From The Corner Volume 5 D Task Force 20/11/2013
Music From The Corner Volume 4 D Task Force 12/01/2006
Music From The Corner Volume 3 D Task Force 01/01/2004
Music From The Corner Volume 2 D Task Force 01/01/2003
Music From The Corner Volume 1 D Task Force 01/01/2001
Voice Of The Great Outdoors D Task Force 01/06/2000
The Tri-Spectrum Argument Phenomenon D Surreal Knowledge Pete Cannon 20/01/2013
From The Beginning D Supar Novar 01/01/2006
Forever D Supar Novar 30/04/2012
Explosive Muzik Vol. 2 D Supar Novar 02/06/2005
Explosive Music Vol. 01 D Supar Novar 09/02/2001
The Warning D Stylah 14/05/2009
The Homeless Microphonist E.P. D Stig Of The Dump 05/09/2006
Piff Rhys Jones D Stig Of The Dump 05/09/2013
Cannon Fodder E.P. D Stig Of The Dump Pete Cannon 31/08/2012
Bar So Hard (Single) D Stig Of The Dump 17/08/2012
Mood Swings D Stig Of The Dump 11/10/2010
The Hidden Truth E.P. D Stealf & Silqe Stealf 30/11/2012
Weedmasons E.P. D Split Prophets 01/01/2014
Southbound & Down E.P. D Split Prophets 04/10/2013
Scribbled Thoughts D Split Prophets 03/10/2011
Stick Up D Split Prophets 01/05/2012
The Purple Patch D Sonnyjim 21/04/2010
The Psychonaut L.P. D Sonnyjim 08/08/2011
Trading Standards D Sonnyjim 22/09/2008
Guest Verses & Granola Breakfasts Vol. 1 D Sonnyjim 20/04/2012
The Executive Branch D Sonnyjim Wizard 13/08/2012
Soul Trader E.P. D Sonnyjim 01/06/2005
Smellington Piff E.P. D Smellington Piff Leaf Dog 24/06/2013
Work In Mnemonics D Sleaze & Sonnyjim 18/04/2011
Re-Fixes Vol. 1 D Sleaze 27/10/2012
The Fall Of Isaac Roberts D Sleaze 27/10/2012
The Skuff & Inja Show D Skuff & Inja 25/12/2009
Aversion Therapy D Skuff 26/03/2004
Smash Anything D Skuff 03/10/2012
Destroy Everything D Skuff 29/10/2012
Scene Stealers D Skreintax 13/04/2009
Poor With £100 Trainers D Skittles 12/03/2012
Council Estate Of Mind D Skinnyman 09/08/2004
Match In The Ocean D SE Fire 13/08/2012
Semi-Skimmed D Ross Sinclair 24/12/2012
State Of Lunacy D Rhyme Asylum 01/06/2008
Solitary Confinement D Rhyme Asylum 23/04/2010
Rewd Awakening D Rewd Adams 05/02/2011
How Not To Make A Living D Rewd Adams The Last Skeptik 13/06/2012
Seven Shades E.P. D Reveal 20/02/2012
Drugs, Booze & Dental Issues D Res & Datkid 01/07/2013
Tha 40 Minute Wonda D Redbeard 01/09/2008
B For Vendetta D Redbeard 05/10/2010
Sumthin’ Old, Sumthin’ New, Sumthin’ Borrowed, Sumthin’ Red D Redbeard 31/12/2012
The Good The Bad & The Ugly D Ramson Badbonez & Twizzy 20/03/2013
O.T.S (Oscar The Slouch) – Single D Ramson Badbonez Charlie Mac 12/11/2013
A Year In The Life Of Oscar The Slouch D Ramson Badbonez Charlie Mac 09/12/2013
Bad Influence D Ramson Badbonez 27/08/2012
Best Name E.P. D Ralph Rip Shit 01/06/2006
Dog ‘N’ Bone The E.P. D Rag N Bone Man, Rag N Bone Man & Leaf Dog Leaf Dog 26/04/2013
Kush Zombies D QELD 12/03/2016
The Boom Bap Bootleg Volume 2 D Prose 30/11/2009
The Boom Bap Bootleg Volume 1 D Prose 15/01/2008
Running Man E.P. D Prose 01/02/2006
The Wasted Talent E.P. D Prose 19/03/2005
Originate D Prose 05/11/2004
The Dark Side Of The Boom D Prose 14/11/2011
Force Of Habit D Prose 22/10/2010
Back In The Habit D Prose 30/07/2012
Millenium Metaphors D Phi Life Cypher 25/09/2000
Phenomenal Steaz D Oliver Sudden 14/12/2012
The 8th Circle E.P. D Night MovementS 31/10/2013
NMS D Night MovementS 13/02/2013
Mystrogen D Mystro 10/09/2012
End Of Level Boss Music D Mylo Stone & Percy Filth 11/05/2013
Mont.alk D Mowgli 25/10/2012
93 D Mowgli 09/04/2010
I Should’ve Done This Time Ago D Micall Parknsun 31/01/2014
The Interview Mixtape D Micall Parknsun 03/07/2006
First Second Time Round D Micall Parknsun 24/08/2009
The Working Class Dad D Micall Parknsun 14/11/2005
All 4 Hip Hop (Single) D Micall Parknsun 06/07/2009
Me Myself & Akai D Micall Parknsun 27/01/2013
Magna Carta D Melanin9 27/11/2012
The Dark Side Of My Mind’s Eye E.P. D M.A.B 28/02/2013
Public Mental Breakdown D Lusty 25/03/2013
Soundtrack To The Struggle D Lowkey 16/10/2011
The Gift Of Life D Life MC 18/09/2013
Life Beyond Rap D Life MC 30/11/2010
Da Throwback D Life MC 18/11/2012
Masquerades & Silhouettes D Lewis Parker 28/07/1998
The Rendition D Lego 16/12/2013
Droppin’ It On ‘Em (Single) D Lego 11/12/2013
Sorry We’re Late D Leddie & Smoggy 28/10/2013
From A Scarecrow’s Perspective D Leaf Dog 28/10/2013
Catfood L.P. D LDZ 25/12/2011
Living Long Ting D LDZ 15/10/2007
Shots Of Smirnoff D Kyza 30/09/2009
The Experience D Kyza 25/09/2006
Focus Mode D Klashnekoff 10/10/2005
Back To The Sagas D Klashnekoff 24/05/2010
Lionheart: Tussle With The Beast D Klashnekoff 26/07/2007
The Sagas Of… D Klashnekoff 19/07/2005
Fuck The Long Talk D Klashnekoff 27/08/2012
No Glory E.P. D Kings Of The City 19/07/2013
Covers E.P. D Kings Of The City 24/10/2011
No Guts E.P. D Kings Of The City 19/07/2013
Kill The Noise E.P. D Kill The Noise 01/05/2012
Try And Stop Me D Just P 25/12/2013
MoorKaBa LightBikes/AnuMal E.P. D Juice Aleem 22/03/2013
Auranography D Jman 18/11/2013
Jehst Presents: The Mengi Bus Mixtape D Jehst 18/05/2009
Alcoholic Author D Jehst 01/01/2002
The Return Of The Drifter D Jehst 09/09/2002
Keep It Live D Jehst 01/01/2005
The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family D Jehst 20/06/2011
Nuke Proof Suit D Jehst 24/10/2005
Falling Down D Jehst 27/10/2003
Rinse Out Friday / Spack Out Monday D Jam Baxter 25/10/2010
The Rearranged Features D Jam Baxter 19/12/2012
The Gruesome Features D Jam Baxter 09/07/2012
The Calm Before The Storm Mixtape D Jack Flash 03/03/2005
Get The Picture Mixtape D Illustrate 11/06/2005
Heavyweight D Heavy Links 07/06/2013
The Heavy Links E.P. D Heavy Links 25/06/2011
Bombsite E.P. D Heavy Links 22/12/2010
The Essence D Heavy Links 26/07/2012
Balaclava Rap D GV Clik 26/07/2012
The Untold Adventures Of Gary Guttersnypes D Gi3mo 22/11/2013
Painkillers & Pilkington D Genesis Elijah 23/01/2012
I Ain’t Even Charging Bruv 2 D Genesis Elijah 12/12/2012
I Ain’t Even Charging Bruv D Genesis Elijah 02/05/2011
The Hardway D Frantic Frank/English Frank 05/06/2008
Paid To Listen D Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn 01/11/2012
Journeys E.P. D Frankie Stew Cuth 08/02/2013
Bukkake Ski Trip D Foreign Beggars 27/04/2007
Stray Point Agenda D Foreign Beggars 03/05/2006
Asylum Speakers D Foreign Beggars 27/11/2003
Third Eye Of The Storm D Fliptrix 23/04/2012
Theory Of Rhyme D Fliptrix 23/04/2012
The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway D Fliptrix Runone, Molotov 12/12/2012
Mind Travelling E.P. D Fliptrix 28/02/2012
Force Fed Imagery D Fliptrix 20/11/2007
It’s A Funny Old Game Mixtape D Farma G 05/08/2009
Time For Something New E.P. D Essa (Yungun) 05/11/2012
FRMX2 D Essa (Yungun) 26/07/2012
The FRMX E.P. D Essa (Yungun) 16/05/2012
FRMX3 D Essa (Yungun) 15/11/2013
Grown Man Business D Essa (Yungun) Mr Thing 18/09/2006
The Essance D Essa (Yungun) 01/01/2007
Contemporary Classic D Efeks 08/11/2013
Better.Luck.Next.Life – The Remixes D Ed Scissortongue 23/03/2013
Better.Luck.Next.Life D Ed Scissortongue Lamplighter 26/11/2012
Killer Combo! D Dr. Syntax Pete Cannon 03/03/2014
Benny Huge D Dr. Syntax 05/12/2010
A Slice Of Fried Gold D Dr. Syntax 24/10/2012
Still At Large D Dr. Syntax 04/05/2012
Self Taught D Dr. Syntax 10/06/2007
The Document D Doc Brown 03/04/2005
Citizen Smith Vol. 2: Nothing To Lose D Doc Brown 03/10/2006
Citizen Smith Vol. 1 D Doc Brown 21/09/2004
£10 Bag (Volume 1) D DJ Louis Slipperz 04/09/2002
£10 Bag (Volume 2) D DJ Louis Slipperz 03/09/2008
£10 Bag (Volume 3) D DJ Louis Slipperz 04/02/2004
Moving In The Dark Remixed D Dizraeli & The Small Gods 28/11/2013
Moving In The Dark D Dizraeli & The Small Gods 18/03/2013
Constant Dikestar D Dirty Dike 28/03/2011
Bogies & Alcohol D Dirty Dike 05/07/2008
Return Of The Twat D Dirty Dike 13/05/2013
The Sloshpot E.P. D Dirty Dike 12/01/2013
Dialect D Dialect 01/10/2007
Dead Players D Dead Players 12/08/2013
Home By 8 D Datkid 01/02/2012
Chapter 2 D DaddysGirls 29/02/2012
Expressions E.P. D Cyrus Malachi 20/10/2013
F.E.A.R D Cyclonius 08/10/2013
Wisdom Teeth D Cutta Chase 11/02/2013
Tonguestrung E.P. D Cutta Chase 22/01/2013
Sunshine For The Blind D Cutta Chase 09/01/2013
Random Slang D Cutta Chase 08/06/2010
The Hills Have Mouths D Culture Vultures 14/11/2012
Drug Music: Hip Hop Addiction D Crusada 06/08/2013
Champion Fraff D Contact Play 19/07/2011
Painting On Silence D Concept Of Thought 08/05/2012
New Mic Order Part 2 D Chester P 04/04/2011
New Mic Order Part 1 (Survive Or Die Trying) D Chester P 09/09/2009
From The Ashes D Chester P 02/04/2008
Dual Sides D Ceiling Demons 18/12/2013
The Ceiling Demons E.P. D Ceiling Demons 03/12/2012
Shame The Devil D Caxton Press 08/04/2013
G3TOUT D Cappo 06/06/2013
Un:Programmable Raw D Cappo 01/04/2013
Spaz The World D Cappo 09/03/2009
Gusto Grizwold: International Vacation D Cappo 19/11/2011
Genghis D Cappo 06/04/2010
BVA MC – E.P. D BVA 28/02/2011
Cartoon Days E.P. D Brothers Of The Stone 04/06/2013
Brothers Of The Stone D Brothers Of The Stone Illinformed 15/07/2013
The Tapes Volume 1 D Brotherman 30/10/2013
The Dark And The Light D Brotherman 20/10/2008
The Self Fulfilling Prophecies D Broken Poetz 15/11/2013
The Pen, The Pad & The Things We Had D Broken Poetz 29/03/2013
Panorama D Braintax 22/10/2006
My Last And Best Album D Braintax 10/03/2008
Biro Funk D Braintax 13/05/2002
Some People Never Go Crazy D Blaktrix 28/06/2011
Life Moves D Benny Diction Able8 22/07/2013
1.7 Grams Of A Kilo To Come D Benaddict 11/08/2012
The Cat Suit Tony E.P. D Benaddict 23/12/2012
The Diamond L.P D Ben Diamond 29/01/2013
The Sewermouth Sessions D Baron Samedi 21/09/2004
Wanderland D Baron Samedi 25/01/2011
Animal Rites The Mixtape D Baron Samedi 11/12/2005
Ghost Network Vol. 1 D Baron Samedi 12/09/2011
Ghost Network Vol. 3 D Baron Samedi 14/12/2012
Ghost Network Vol. 2 D Baron Samedi 09/05/2012
B.O.M.B D B.O.M.B 06/09/2013
Savoir Faire E.P. D Asaviour 24/11/2003
The Borrowed Ladder E.P. D Asaviour 03/04/2006
Reality Provoking Liberation D Apex Zero 28/10/2013
Alone In Numbers D 13/02/2012
DoubleThink D Akala 03/05/2010
Freedom Lasso D Akala 01/10/2007
It’s Not A Rumour D Akala 01/05/2006
The Thieves Banquet D Akala 27/05/2013
The Letters E.P. D Adam Cuth 28/09/2012
World War Three D 3 Amigos 10/10/2010