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  • Dutch Mob

    Dutch Mob

    Named after one of New Yorks most infamous pickpocket gangs from the 1860’s and a love of that strong dank ‘Dutch Mob’ are comprised of two of Bristol’s finest rappers Res One of Split Prophets and Mistafire of Sé Fire.

  • Strange U

    Strange U

    Strange U is a collaboration between two Hip Hop veterans, King Kashmere and Zygote (aka The Maghreban). A firm favourite amongst fans of UK Hip Hop, King Kashmere sprung to prominence with the joint LP with Verb T “Backhand Slap Talk/Technical Illness” which was released on the iconic Low Life Records in 2004. This was … Read in full

    1 album
  • Creatures Of Habit

    1 album
  • Si Phili

    Si Phili

    Si Phili is a rapper from Luton. He is known for being a part of the former UK Hip Hop Group Phi-Life Cypher, which split in 2012. Since the split of PLC, Si Phili has progressed on a solo career and also started another group with UK Battle Rapper Dotz to form “Phili N Dotz”.

    1 album
  • Flabz


    From west London, Flabz is one part of the UK supergroup that is E & Daniels.

    2 albums
  • Badly Promoted Geniuses

    Badly Promoted Geniuses

    Badly Promoted Geniuses came about as the result of the overactive imaginations of six miscreants with a penchant for Rap Hop. Consisting of; Triple Dot Beast, Baron Samedi, Skrabl, Oozhe, Sofa King and DJ Severe, this gaggle of vagabonds, like a really shabby vagrant version of Voltron or a horrifying NSFW Enid Blyton novella, come … Read in full

    1 album
  • Moreone


    Signed to In The Balance Records.

    1 album
  • Chillman


    Signed to In The Balance Records.

    2 albums
  • Ocean Wisdom

    Ocean Wisdom

    Born in Camden, now residing in Brighton, 21 year old MC Ocean Wisdom is the new kid everyone is talking about. His underground smash “Walkin’ – Produced by Dirty Dike has propelled him from being one of the many up and coming MC’s in the country, to being one of the most exciting prospects at … Read in full

    2 albums
  • Scorzayzee


    Scorzayzee is a renowned and respected emcee, actor and spoken word artist from the UK. Originally starting his music career as a member of Out Da Ville, Scorzayzee went on to begin a successful solo career working alongside established artists such as Estelle, Outlandish and Killa Kella.

    1 album
  • Lee Scott

    Lee Scott

    Lee Scott is your favourite UK rapper’s favourite rapper. This is fact, as it is common knowledge that there isn’t really anyone who can, word for word, match his wit and incredible turn of phrase. Lee Scott is blessed with the ability to communicate incredibly complex story lines and concepts with such ease and clarity … Read in full

    1 album
  • Dirty Diggers

    Dirty Diggers

    After dropping their demo off at Zebra Traffic HQ in the summer of 2004, Max Wheeler and Pat Hall were immediately picked up by the label. The initial result was their ‘Diggers Don’t Get Days Off EP’, followed closely by their debut album and further EP ‘Freakishly Strong’. The response was immediate and fantastic, gaining … Read in full

    2 albums
  • Sparkz


    Manchester MC doing his thing with The Mouse Outfit and Voodoo Black.

    1 album
  • Big Toast

    TPS Fam - Hot Water Music - Artwork

    Member of TPS Fam.

    1 album
  • Onoe Caponoe

    Onoe Caponoe
    2 albums
  • Problem Child

    Problem Child

    Rap group consisting of Dubbledge, Dabbla, Illaman and Sumgii. Let the music do the talking.

    2 albums
  • Cracker Jon

    Cracker Jon

    Cracker Jon, has been an enthusiastic musician since the age of 9, when he learnt musical instruments in primary school and continued practice in secondary school. He grew up as an only child in Croydon, with his dad leaving before he was born. His Mum would work long hours in various areas around London, so … Read in full

    1 album
  • Kashmere


    Kashmere, (aka Vulcan aka the Iguana Man aka Vadertron aka Galaktus aka…), is a veteran emcee and producer who delivers a uniquely focussed brand of hip hop music. He’s featured on more than thirty commercial available releases and has toured extensively throughout the united kingdom and continental Europe, building a virus-like following in the process! … Read in full

    1 album
  • Roots Manuva

    Roots Manuva

    Rodney Hylton Smith is an English rapper signed to Big Dada. Wikipedia puts it all in good detail.

    1 album
  • TPS Fam

    TPS Fam - Hot Water Music - Artwork

    TPS are a 3-man group, bringing a distinctly British sound to their boom bap creations. They are rapper/producer The Strange Neighbour, rapper/producer Jack Diggs and rapper Big Toast.

    1 album
  • Running Punch

    Running Punch - Publish Or Perish

    Running Punch, the alias of producer/rapper duo Sherlock Bones and Captain Bukioe who came to together to create ‘Publish or Perish’.

    1 album
  • Beit Nun

    Beit Nun

    Beit Nun is an underground Hip-Hop artist from Macclesfield, UK, and is the founder/owner of Innit Records. He is one half of Hip-Hop duo Amass Hegemony, alongside fellow MC 777, and also a member of the NW Hip-Hop movement (alongside artists such as DJ Benny E, Gouki Productions, Vecta Sigma, Pedigree Chumps, EdXL, Butch Touch, … Read in full

    1 album
  • Jack Jetson

    Jack Jetson

    Jack Jetson is from Nottingham and currently resides in Birmingham. He is signed to RLD (Real Life Drama) Records. His album “Adventures Of Johnny Strange” releases 12th May 2014.

    1 album
  • Mole & Iris

    Mole & Iris

    A duo from Brighton who made quality, healthy Hip Hop. Mole (Simon) and Iris (Jake) performed with producer G-Petz. Together they made 2 E.P.s one of which was “Clouds E.P.” which in our humble opinion is a lesson in UK Hip Hop quality. They worked with Dr Syntax and Witchdoctor Wise. Sadly, Jake passed away … Read in full

    1 album
  • Enlish


    From the south coast comes Enlish a.k.a. Big Dave. A straight-speaking emcee, Enlish has worked with a ream of artists including Dr Syntax, Stig Of The Dump and Sean Price. Big Dave’s rhymes pack a comedic style with a hard punch to boot. His album “Cold Lazarus” is his most successful work to date.

    1 album
  • Jyager


    North London rapper Jyager first recognised his passion for music when he reached his early teens and began writing poetry to express his thoughts and feelings about life from day to day. Born and raised in Alenteiju, Portugal, Jyager moved to England in 1993 with his mother and sister in search of a better life. … Read in full

    1 album
  • Iron Braydz

    Iron Braydz

    Raised in Harlesden and now based in Neasden north west London, Iron Braydz has long been considered one of the UK’s most skilled hip hop MC’s with a delivery & flow that demonstrates a superior level of wordplay and lyricism Drawing on his influences of Wu Tang, Immortal Technique, dead prez, Public Enemy & Nas, … Read in full

    1 album
  • The Three Headed Beast

    The Three Headed Beast - The Three Headed Beast

    The Three Headed Beast is the combination of M.A.B., Jinxsta JX and Twizzy. Part of Abnoxshuz Entertainment, the trio (amongst many solo projects) combined to make a 9-track album under the same title.

    2 albums
  • 2nd Class Citizenz

    2nd Class Citizenz

    South coast hip hop group 2nd Class Citizenz are Bobby Ballz, Budge and DJ Leeboi, the rat pack of rap! Formed in 2006 starting with a cheap set of decks and a few vinyl, a group of friends all with a love and passion for music, especially hip hop, embark on their voyage into the … Read in full

    2 albums
  • Elliot Fresh

    Elliot Fresh

    Rapper from Oxford, Elliot has been rapping for a fair few years now. He has run open mic nights in Oxford, battled in Don’t Flop and released a number of E.P.s, and an album called “Now…”. He is also part of Livestock – a trio crew. He releases on Illgotit Records.

    2 albums
  • Rag N Bone Man

    Rag N Bone Man

    Soulful, blues-y, Rag N Bone Man is a man with a big voice. Having moved to Brighton in 2009 and swiftly forging music-making ties with producer Gizmo and DJ Direct, Rag ‘N’ Bone man’s musical journey took a turn for the interesting when he began collaborating with South coast super crew Rum Committee. Dozens of … Read in full

    3 albums
  • Manage


    Manage is one third of the rap force and one fifth of the Caxton Press group. Manage doesn’t need much introduction, a sure-fire heavy hitter in the UK Hip Hop scene and beyond. The New Cross rapper has worked with the best in Britain and with the help of DJ Snuff created Speakers Corner at … Read in full

    2 albums
  • Deadline


    Deadline is perhaps most known for being part of Tactical Thinking, a coalition of Hip Hop musicians including Naive, Pete Cannon, Kid Genius and Derogatory. He started out as part of the now defunct CVR he was a regular face on the Birmingham hip hop scene, at one point hosting just about every hip hop … Read in full

    1 album
  • Big Dutty Deeze

    Big Dutty Deeze

    Big Dutty Deeze is a Midlands-based rapper. He has recently shared stages with New York’s Koncept & J57, Rodney P, Ty, Malik, Mystro, Klashnekoff, Iron Braydz, Tony.D, and more. He is building a strong fan base from the variety of mixtapes and albums he has created. He is currently gearing up to release his next … Read in full

    2 albums
  • Profound Poets

    Profound Poets

    Profound Poets are a South West based UK Hip Hop duo consisting of IC and SneakZ. They bring a more conscious, positive feel to their tracks, and since releasing their debut EP ’Palingenesis’ have had a good response from crowds, performing numerous shows over the past year within the local area as well as festivals … Read in full

  • Verbal Contact

    Verbal COntact

    Verbal Contact are Matter & Prys.

  • Verb T

    Verb T

    Verb T is a London-based rapper and producer. He is one of the UK’s finest and longest-standing artists in the UK Hip Hop scene, responsible for 7 solo albums, a number of E.P.s and countless features. He has worked with a ream of artists and producers including: Kashmere, The Last Skeptik, Micall Parknsun, Jehst, Harry … Read in full

    16 albums
  • Upfront MC

    Upfront MC

    Upfront MC is a member of Split Prophets.

    2 albums
  • Twizzy


    One third of The Three Headed Beast alongside M.A.B. and Jinxsta JX, Twizzy is also a prolific solo artist. See his album “Working Class Zero”. He also released an E.P. with Ramson Badbonez in early 2013, entitled The Good The Bad The Ugly.

    5 albums
  • Theme

    2 albums
  • The Mouse Outfit

    The Mouse Outfit

    The Mouse Outfit are a 9 piece hip hop band based in Manchester and Liverpool and currently recording and performing with Dr Syntax, Sparkz, Dubbul O and other artists. In 2012 they supported The Sugarhill Gang, Akil the MC (Jurassic 5), The Youngblood Brass Band, DJ Vadim, DJ Format, The Nextmen, Youngsta, Gift of Gab … Read in full

    3 albums
  • The IRS

    The IRS (BritishHipHop.co.uk)

    The IRS were a 5 man crew from London with a propensity to mix flare, raw lyricism and a whole heap of character to their music. They formed in 1998 and consist of Ed Strong (Producer / MC), Random Deviation (MC), King Kaiow (MC), Superb (MC) and DJ Guide One. During their time as a … Read in full

    2 albums
  • The Four Owls

    The Four Owls

    The Four Owls are individually known as Big Owl (Fliptrix), Bird T (Verb T), Rusty Take-Off (BVA MC) and Deformed Wing (Leaf Dog). They flew to dizzying heights in 2011 upon release of their album “Nature’s Greatest Mystery” which unleashed conceptual brilliance, banging beats and straight-up lyricism.

    2 albums
  • The Breaks Collective

    The Breaks Collective

    The Breaks Collective are a 7-member group from Devonshire who formed in 2005 after a series of jam style gigs. The Breaks Collective bring a refreshing take on Hip Hop to the table, taking inspiration from many styles of music including jazz, rap, hip-hop, funk, soul, rock and R&B. The Breaks Collective are behind 100% … Read in full

    1 album
  • The Bluntskins

    The Bluntskins - The Bluntskins

    The Bluntskins are MCs Bill Sykes and Cheech, with Pro P on the beats. This is a trio from Manchester. Their debut album is out now.

    2 albums
  • Text Offenders

    Text Offenders
  • Telemachus/Chemo


    Chemo began as a Producer and DJ for south london group ‘Frontline’ along with MC’s Syanyde and LeEo. Alongside rapper Conflix he created the Character Assassins series of mixtapes which were notable for featuring ‘Assassin Sessions’ which were recordings made in one take to simulate the live Cypher element of Hip-Hop events. Alongside DJ Snuff, … Read in full

    1 album
  • Tay Devenny

    Tay Devenny
  • Task Force


    Brothers in arms Chester P (Joey Coombes) and Farma G (Robin Coombes) are Task Force. Based in Highbury, North London, the “Task Force Family” extends to include the likes of Ramson Badbonez and DJ Louis Slipperz. In 1999 “New Mic Order”, the group’s first record was released. It was produced by Mark B and featured … Read in full

    6 albums
  • Surreal Knowledge

    Surreal Knowledge

    Formed in the late 20th Century, Surreal Knowledge were master practitioners of the bizarre and banging… The Tri-Spectrum Argument Phenomenon is the only work you will ever hear from this mystery band of 3 who have all gone missing since this work was completed… It’s said that if you stand naked in the mirror and … Read in full

    1 album
  • Supar Novar

    Supar Novar

    Supar Novar is a well-known UKHH artist from North London. He was first introduced to the scene by way of his crew F.L.I.P with the help of local Hip-Hop legend Skinnyman. In 1999 a support slot for Skinnyman’s group ‘The Mud Family’ lead to Novar becoming a member of the group and touring the UK … Read in full

    4 albums
  • Stylah


    Artist Profile: Stylah on Rapperpedia

    1 album
  • Stig Of The Dump

    Stig Of The Dump

    Born Steve Dixon, Stig is much more well known by his artist name Stig Of The Dump. Honing his art in battle rap including 2x World End of the Weak Challenge Champion of Champions, 2x UK End of the Weak Challenge Champion, UK Battlescars Champion and Jump Off Tag Team Champion, Stig has demolished many … Read in full

    6 albums
  • Stealf & Silqe

    Stealf & Silqe

    Producer Stealf and leader of UKHH label De Facto Entertainment teams up with rapper Silqe to make some soulful, intelligent UKHH. So far, the duo have only one E.P. under their belts called “The Hidden Truth“, but producer Stealf is the man behind many a project on the De Facto label.

    1 album
  • Steady


    One of the UK’s finest Boom Bap emcees. One half of Prose.

    1 album
  • Split Prophets

    Split Prophets

    Split Prophets are a UK Hip Hop collective from Bristol. Its members are: Upfront, Res, Badhabitz (Krate Krusaders), Bil Next, Paro, Everest P, Tyun (Evermoor Sound) Blanka, Prime, Datkid (Demorus) & Flying Monk. Their debut release Scribbled Thoughts was well received by the scene. Since then, Split Prophets have really honed a name for themselves, … Read in full

    6 albums
  • Sonnyjim


    Sonnyjim (born S Sathi) is a rapper from Birmingham who spread his roots in the battle circuit (on EOW and Jump Off), before releasing material on Soul Trader and then forming Birmingham-based Eatgood Records in 2008. Sonnyjim has many releases under his name, and has worked with producers and rappers up and down the UK … Read in full

    11 albums
  • Smellington Piff

    Smellington Piff - Smellington Piff E.P.

    Artist signed to RLD Records who released his debut E.P. “Smellington Piff E.P.” in 2013. The E.P. was produced by Leaf Dog. Smellington is also part of NLP, a group from the southwest of the UK.

    2 albums
  • Sleaze & Sonnyjim

    Sleaze & Sonnyjim

    The collaboration of Sleaze and Sonnyjim

    1 album
  • Sleaze

    3 albums
  • Skuff & Inja

    Skuff & Inja
    1 album
  • Skuff

    4 albums
  • Skreintax


    Rivalling sliced bread in terms of “best things”, this is the collaboration between Dr Syntax and Skrein who came together to create “Scene Stealers” – an album of great quality.

    1 album
  • Skrein


    During his rap career, Skrein worked with many big name including Medison, Dr Syntax, Foreign Beggars, DJ IQ, Supar Novar and Doc Brown. He has since branched into acting and starring in Ill Manors, and acting in Game Of Thrones. He gave up his role in Game Of Thrones when he secured the lead role … Read in full

  • Skittles

    1 album
  • Skinnyman

    1 album
  • SE Fire

    SE Fire

    Fusing elements of Reggae, Soul, Trip-hop and much more, around a solid Hip-Hop core, Se Fire9s ‘Match In The Ocean’ LP is a captivating bass-driven listen. ‘Match In The Ocean’ was put together between 2001 & 2009. During this period, the group, consisting of producer/rapper Sosé, rapper Mistafire, vocalist Jamileh Lee, engineer Ollie Weeks and … Read in full

    1 album
  • Ross Sinclair

    Ross Sinclair - Semi-Skimmed

    Ross Sinclair is a 17 year old (as of February 2013) rapper and producer hailing from Plymouth.

    1 album
  • Rodney P

    Rodney P
  • Ricochet


    Appeared on Low Life’s “Mad Runningz” back in 2003.

  • Rhyme Asylum

    Rhyme Asylum

    Rhyme Asylum are a hip-hop group hailing from London, United Kingdom comprising of music artists: Possessed, Psiklone & Skirmish. ‘RA’ are focused on bringing back classic “boom bap” hip-hop, accompanied by thought provoking, vivid lyricism. Originating from the infamous Deal Real open mic sessions between 2004 and 2005 (but initially formed by Possessed and Skirmish … Read in full

    2 albums
  • Rewd Adams

    Rewd Adams
    4 albums
  • Reveal


    Born in Iran, and raised in London, Reveal started as part of Poisonous Poets along with Therapist, Tony D and Doc Brown, and were later joined by Stylah and Lowkey. Since those days, he has released several collections of tracks he made over the years; some during the Poisonous Poets era, and some after.

    1 album
  • Res & Datkid

    Split Prophets members Res &

    1 album
  • Redbeard


    Birmingham head Redbeard is on Eatgood Records having met Sonnyjim and Kosyne through a mutual friend. Through collaborating and helping each other out on various projects, this was the beginning of Eatgood Records. Redbeard became the resident performer/host at Birmingham’s Scratch Club, supporting the likes of DJ Q-bert and DJ First Rate, also a resident … Read in full

    3 albums
  • Ramson Badbonez & Twizzy

    Ramson Badbonez & Twizzy

    Ramson Badbonez & Twizzy team up to release “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”.

    1 album
  • Ramson Badbonez

    Ramson Badbonez

    Ramson Badbonez is a legendary UK emcee. He has worked with the likes of Taskforce and many other names in the UK scene. He has released a mixtape with DJ Harry Love “The Official Mixtape Volume 1”, “Tales From The Staircase Volume 1” with King Kong Holding Company and his album “Bad Influence” on Boot … Read in full

    5 albums
  • Ralph Rip Shit

    Ralph Rip Shit
    1 album
  • Rag N Bone Man & Leaf Dog

    Rag N Bone Man & Leaf Dog

    Rag N Bone Man and Leaf Dog teamed up to create the “Dog N Bone E.P.” released on High Focus Records.

    1 album
  • QELD

    1 album
  • Prose


    Prose are Steady on the beats, and Efeks on the mic. They make beasty boom bap, and have earned a reputation as a solid duo putting out quality releases. The beats are never lax, and the vocals come strong too. They came onto the scene in 2004 with the single “Originate”. This gave them footing … Read in full

    8 albums
  • Phoenix Da Icefire

    Phoenix Da Icefire

    Paul J Nelson better known as Phoenix Da Icefire (born Sept 1st1987) in south east london, he is 1/2 of Higher Heights Records alongside fellow CEO & founder Dwain Thompson. Paul Nelson is best summerised as a British rapper, song writer, actor, consultant & all around businessman.

  • Phi Life Cypher

    Phi Life Cypher

    Phi Life Cypher were a UK Hip Hop trio based in Luton. They consisted of Life MC, Si Phili and DJ Nappa. They rose to fame in the early 200s, having made music since 1996. They released 4 albums together, and numerous E.P.s and singles. Although it never made it to press, they featured on … Read in full

    1 album
  • Orifice Vulgatron

    Orifice Vulgatron

    One of the emceeing force in Foreign Beggars, Orifice has been tearing up stages for many a year. Having branched a way from the Hip Hop genre, Orifice and Foreign Beggars continue to make music. Founder of Dented Records and resident rapper on all Foreign Beggars material. Vulgatron started rhyming in 1996, then known as … Read in full

  • Oliver Sudden

    Oliver Sudden

    From the age of 15 Oliver Sudden was rhyming on garage on He’s sisters karaoke machine, he used to make tapes with he’s pals from school on weekends but didn’t take it too seriously. When he started college his knowledge of Hip Hop began to grow and so did his rhyme skills. After being at … Read in full

    3 albums
  • Nmonic

    Jehst (Feat. Nmonic) - Bodyclock
  • Night MovementS

    Night MovementS

    Night Movements are a collective of emcees and producers from Birmingham, UK who have been making waves in the Hip Hop scene ever since they dropped their self titled ‘NMS’ debut album back in February. Since then they have been working hard on a number of projects, live shows and music videos. Now they unleash … Read in full

    2 albums
  • Mystro

    3 albums
  • Mylo Stone & Percy Filth

    Mylo Stone & Percy Filth - End Of Level Boss Music
    1 album
  • Mr Key

    Mr Key

    Mr Key was about for a bit. Then he went away for a while and spent some time outside. Then he came back and wrote some lyrics about all the stuff. Then he went back outside. It’s nice outside – you should go some time. He is better than all the other rappers because he … Read in full

    1 album
  • Mowgli

    Mowgli - Mont.alk
    2 albums
  • Mnsr Frites

    Mnsr Frites

    Msnr Frites is a member of the Organised Mess collective alongside the Granville Sessions collective.

  • Micall Parknsun

    Micall Parknsun - Me Myself And Akai

    Micall Parknsun (Parky) started out as half of R.A.M and rapped under the name 2Halves. Some time later, Micall decided to pursue his solo career putting out Tha Shit/Da Struggle 12″ in 2004, and then smashing the scene with his debut album “The Workling Class Dad” (see below) in late 2005. His growing reputation was … Read in full

    7 albums
  • Metropolis


    Artist Profile: Metropolis on Rapperpedia

  • Melanin9

    3 albums
  • Major Triadz

    Major Triadz Doing Their Thing
  • M.A.B


    M.A.B – Most Annoying Bastard Hip Hop MC, 1/3 of 3 Headed Beast, Abnoxshuz Ent.

    1 album
  • Lusty


    Born Alex Lusty on April 9th 1973, this UK rapper is behind many UKHH projects. He quotes his rap influences to include KRS-One, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Kool Keith, Proof and Nas. Somewhat unexpectedly he is also a big fan of Morrissey, and has attended over 50 concerts. Lusty started releasing collaborative music projects in … Read in full

    1 album
  • Lowkey


    Artist Profile: Lowkey on Rapperpedia

    1 album
  • Longusto

    Artist Profile: Longusto on Rapperpedia

    1 album
  • Life MC

    Life MC

    Until recently Life was part of the trio Phi Life Cypher alongside Si Phili and DJ Nappa, and is based in Luton. During this time, he released 4 solo albums. Since the separation of the group in 2013, Life MC has released a 16-track tape, and a single with Reveal.

    4 albums
  • Lewis Parker

    Lewis Parker

    Artist Profile: Lewis Parker on Rapperpedia

    1 album
  • Lego


    Part of Defenders Of Style.

    2 albums
  • Leddie & Smoggy

    Leddie & Smoggy

    Hailing from Middlesborough in the north of England, Leddie & Smoggie form part of People’s Army. The duo released a popular mixtape in 2009, “The Calm Before The Storm”. Their debut album is called “Sorry We’re Late”.

    1 album
  • Leaf Dog

    Leaf Dog

    Leaf Dog appears to have Hip Hop coursing through his veins; rapping with his crew alongside BVA in The 3 Amigos, making beats like they might run out. He has supported the likes of KRS One, Lord Finesse, M.O.P., The Godfather of Noyze Rahzel, the almighty Sugar Hill Gang and DJ hall-of-famer Cash Money, and … Read in full

    1 album
  • LDZ


    Artist Profile: LDZ on Rapperpedia

    2 albums
  • Kyza

    Kyza Smirnoff

    Kyza A.K.A. Kyza Smirnoff started off joining forces with Micall ‘Parky’ Parknsun as N.W.C (North-West Collabo). Getting his name and face out there soon led to people noticing Kyza’s talent, and this led to him featuring alongside Jehst & Chester P for “The Trilogy Remix”. Following this success, Kyza joined forces with Klashnekoff, and so … Read in full

    5 albums
  • Kosyne


    Kosyne is an MC / Producer / Host and wannabe DJ (at times) based around Birmingham UK. Kosyne made his production and vocal debut on the Sonnyjim track “Barcdoes” from the Soul Trader E.P. and shortly after Percy Filth’s debut “Don’t Take It Percynal”. More recently Kosyne has been working with The Mouse Outfit on … Read in full

  • Klashnekoff


    Klashnekoff, K-Lash-Nek-Off, Darren Handler, Ricochet Klashnekoff, is a legend in the UK Hip Hop scene. His single “Murda” must be one of the best known tracks to emerge from the genre. Klashnekoff is also the founding member of Terra Firma.

    5 albums
  • Kings Of The City

    Kings Of The City

    From KOTC website: “Kings Of The City blend blues rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop and grime like no other. With ages ranging from 16-24 and eclectic musical tastes, matched only by their diverse cultural and social backgrounds, the band’s unique sound was almost an inevitability.” Kings Of The City are Ali Bla Bla (rapper / … Read in full

    4 albums
  • King Kaiow

    King Kaiow
  • Kill The Noise

    Kill The Noise

    Consisting of Prose members Steady and Efeks, and West London wordsmith Crusada, this triumvirate is the culmination of years spent working on each others projects. The E.P. “Kill The Noise” also features vocals from Kingpin and Oliver Sudden.

    1 album
  • Kal Sereousz

    Kal Sereousz
  • K.I.N.E.T.I.K


    “Kultural Instinctiveness Nurtured Into Effectively Tackling Incorrect Koncepts” is KINETIK’s acronym.

    3 albums
  • Just P

    Just P

    Founder of Black Budget Entertainment, Just P is a London-based MC with his first album “Just Call Me P”, available as a free download on the Black Budget website.

    1 album
  • Juice Aleem

    Juice Aleem

    In addition to his work as a member of the groups New Flesh and Gamma, Aleem has also worked with Coldcut, Hexstatic, Evil 9, Adam Freeland, Mike Ladd, Si Begg and many, many others. He is also the voice of Alpha Prhyme, the MC featured on the very first Big Dada single, “Misanthropic.” In 2009, … Read in full

    1 album
  • JPEG

  • Joker Starr

    Joker Starr

    “The artist that is Joker Starr believes UK Hip Hop lacks two essential ingredients – energy and personality. As he possesses boundless amounts of both qualities it is certainly with great anticipation that we accept a rising ‘Starr’ into the mix. Kebbie Conteh didn’t grow up listening to Hip Hop. His Sierra Leone parents brought … Read in full

    1 album
  • Jman


    Signed to Greasy VInyl, Jman released his debut E:P. “Auranography”, in 2013. “Raised in Croydon, Jman was always trying to get involved in the Garage/Grime scene at a young age. His first shows were in small clubs around Plymouth where he was spotted by Necta Selecta, promoter of the Dubstep night “Subheavy” in Plymouth His … Read in full

    1 album
  • Jehst

    Born William G. Shields, Jehst has a slew of aliases. To quote a couple: Billy Brimstone and The High Plains Drifter. Jehst debuted in hip hop with Premonitions E.P. on the YnR label, which he had co-founded with Tommy Evans. A year later, in 2000, he appeared on Task Force‘s Voice Of The Great Outdoors, … Read in full

    7 albums
  • Jam Baxter

    Jam Baxter

    Jam Baxter is on High Focus Records. “Jam Baxter knows how to do a million things, even though he proclaims to only be truly skilled at one. He can hold down twelve day benders like they are NOTHING; he can engage in conversation with any person – no matter the age, race, sex, political beliefs … Read in full

    6 albums
  • Jakey Gin

    Jakey Gin

    Jakey Gin is a nineteen-year-old rapper and promoter based in the South West of England. He has two self made E.P.s already released, and more tracks on the way with production from Illinformed and Mr. Slim. He was formerly known as Ayerst.

  • Jack Flash

    Jack Flash

    Jack Flash a.k.a. Jack Mulvey is an emcee from Huddersfield, who released “The Calm Before The Storm Mixtape” at the age of 18. Older music can be found at this

    1 album
  • Inja

    1 album
  • Illustrate


    Illustrate a.k.a. Ollie Bates is a rapper from Wycombe, first rising to some notoriety on his “Get The Picture Mixtape” hosted by Genesis Elijah. He worked with Headcount Records. An astoundingly addictive voice, with near impeccable flow, and use of the English language to develop themes, topics and stories, Illustrate deserves a lot of respect … Read in full

    1 album
  • Hi Res

    Hi Res

    Hi Res is a member of Split Prophets.

    1 album
  • Heavy Links

    Heavy Links

    Heavy Links are a trio from the Midlands making boom bap hip hop. The crew consists of: DJ Donnie Propa, MC Habitat & MC/Producer El Tel The Dopeness. They make straight up genuine UK boom bap.

    4 albums
  • GV Clik

    GV Clik

    GV Click (Greasy Vinyl) are: Sleaze, Bones, Gramma K, Jugga, Madskillz, Doc Digi and Jman.

    1 album
  • Graziella


    Graziella is a female vocalist who oozes talent on many a release. She’s worked with the likes of Foreign Beggars, Ed Skrein, Dr Syntax, Verb T and many more.

  • Gi3mo


    Gi3mo, a.k.a. Gary Gutternsypes, a.k.a. Big Gizzy. Hailing from Boozetown (Brighton), Gi3mo is a member of Rum Committee. This very well bio says it all best: “On the south coast of England there is a town called Brighton, although certain residents there call it Boozetown, for reasons you’d understand if you went there on a … Read in full

    3 albums
  • Genesis Elijah

    Genesis Elijah - Other Side

    Born Nathaniel Winston Joseph Bygrave, Genesis Elijah is one of the best the UK has produced. A credible, intelligent and focussed rapper, Genesis also runs his own “This Is My Hustle” clothing line. He’s been involved in making quality Hip Hop for years, whether it be on his own material, including some self-produced numbers, or … Read in full

    4 albums
  • Frantic Frank/English Frank

    English Frank-Frantic Frank

    Passionate and aggressive, English Frank bills himself as a “sicko”. His unrelenting style and fast lyricism give him an intense edge.

    1 album
  • Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn

    Frankie Stew

    Frankie Stew works with Harvey Gunn.

    1 album
  • Frankie Stew

    Frankie Stew

    Frankie Stew is one third of Brighton trio Concept Of Thought. He has also released several solo tracks and has honed a name for himself through his laidback style, abstract bars and sheer talent. His work with producer Cuth can be found here.

    1 album
  • Foreign Beggars

    Foreign Beggars

    Averaging well over 100 shows per year, ‘Foreign Beggars’ are one of the most prolific and versatile Hip Hop outfits to emerge from the UK. Consisting of MC’s Metropolis and Orifice Vulgatron, Producer Dag Nabbit, Human Beat boxer Shlomo and DJ Nonames.

    3 albums
  • Fliptrix


    High Focus head Fliptrix is one of the most well-known UK Hip Hop artists. Renowned for his consistent output – both in rate and quality – Fliptrix is becoming a household name around the UK. With 2 albums released in 2012 alone, Fliptrix sets the standard for emcees far and wide. His material is often … Read in full

    10 albums
  • Farma G

    Farma G
    1 album
  • Essa (Yungun)

    Yungun (Essa)

    Yungun (YG/Essa) has not had your classic rap past. Born in a leafy suburb and educated at one of the most prestigious UK schools, Essa became a city lawyer. But somewhere along the path, he found the time to cement his name into the pavement of UK Hip Hop classics, offering up countless party bangers, … Read in full

    8 albums
  • Efeks

    Efeks - Contemporary Classic
    1 album
  • Ed Scissortongue

    Edward Scissortongue

    Edward Scissortongue is signed to High Focus Records.

    4 albums
  • Dubbledge


    Dubbledge! Profile soon come.

  • Dr. Syntax

    Dr Syntax

    Dr Syntax is/was/and always has been a rap scholar. He’s been rapping for a long time, and is renowned for the clarity of his voice, the imagery in his lyrics, and his flow on beats. He’s worked with almost everybody in UKHH, namely Foreign Beggars, Tom Caruana, Stig Of The Dump, LDZ, DJ Woody, Pete … Read in full

    8 albums
  • Doc Brown

    Doc Brown

    Doc Brown born Ben Bailey Smith, will be known on this site for his rapping skills. Though he has now branched far more into the comedy, he still incorporates rap into his sketches and sets. He started out rapping way back when, and was part of the legendary Poisonous Poets clique alongside DJ Snips, Lowkey, … Read in full

    3 albums
  • DJ Louis Slipperz

    DJ Louis Slipperz

    Part of the RawDog collective, DJ Louis Slipperz is “better known as the Task Force DJ, Louis Slipperz is also a multi-instrumentalist, song writer and producer. His first mix-tape album DJ Slipperz £10 Bag Volume 1, became a cult hit followed by Volumes 2 & 3. Having worked with UK’s MC talent including Jehst, Braintax, … Read in full

    4 albums
  • Dizraeli & The Small Gods

    Dizraeli & The Small Gods

    Dizraeli and the Small Gods are Dizraeli: vocals, melodica, guitar, sound design Cate Ferris: vocals, flute, piano Jules Arthur: keys, vocals, viola, noises of all descriptions Lee Westwood: guitar, vocals, hammered dulcimer DJ Downlow: turntables, vocals, sound design Belle ‘Bellatrix’ Ehresmann: double bass, vocals, beatbox Nathan Feddo: double bass, electric bass Paul Gregory: drums

    2 albums
  • Dirty Dike

    Dirty Dike

    Dirty Dike was born and raised in the reasonably south, reasonably east city of Cambridge. He first got on people’s radars with his brilliant debut album “Bogies & Alcohol”. After this came the Contact Play super group consisting of Dike, Jam Baxter, Ronnie Bosh, Ed Scissortongue and Mr Key. According to all sources, Dike is … Read in full

    5 albums
  • Dialect

    Dialect - Dialect

    Also known as Dialect Crew, Dialect are a Hip Hop group from South Shields in the north of England. They consist of 8 people. The emcees are Rick Fury, Gaz, Art, Sep5 and Chattabox. Dj Tooth and the producer is Peta Max.

    2 albums
  • DGreen

    Split Prophets

    D.Green is a member of Bristol crew Split Prophets.

  • Devise

    1 album
  • Dead Players

    Dead Players

    Dead Players are Jam Baxter (MC), Dabbla (MC) & GhostTown (producers). Released on High Focus.The Dead Players album features Dirty Dike, Edward Scissortongue & Parly B.

    2 albums
  • Datkid


    Member of Split Prophets.

    1 album
  • DaddysGirls


    Made up of North London born twins, Melo and Missi, DaddysGirls rock 90s style sounds mixing catchy vibes with decent lyrics.

    1 album
  • Dabbla


    Dabbla also raps under other aliases: Puppa Murc, Paddy Mashdown, Lawrence Piffburn, Julius Siezure, Squat Thrust, Boom-Young & Pedro Barzini. He is part of London Zoo, Dead Players (with Jam Baxter and Ghosttown) and Problem Child (Dubbledge, Sumgii and Illaman).

  • Cyrus Malachi

    Cyrus Malachi

    Cyrus Malachi is a rapper from London. His first renowned work came when he burst onto the scene with his crew “Triple Darkness” consisting of himself, M9 (Melanin9) and Nasheron, and they put out “Anathema”. ” It was a dark bone chilling epic, a harrowing journey through the neighborhoods they grew up in, one of … Read in full

    2 albums
  • Cyclonius

    Cyclonius - F.E.A.R Mixtape

    East London MC with roots in Gambia, Cyclonius is a busy MC with a penchant for producing as well as rapping. The following bio is taken from Cyclonius’ website: “UK Hip Hop has had a boom in recent years – thankfully Cyclonious has managed to maintain the quality over the quantity. From the hustle of … Read in full

    1 album
  • Cutta Chase

    Cutta Chase

    Hailing from South London/Surrey, Cutta Chase is an underrated emcee. Not one to put himself in the public eye, Cutta keeps himself to himself (in terms of rapping at least). Maybe it’s that that allows his music to stay so fresh, his flow so effortless. Cutta makes soulful music, so if you like a nice, … Read in full

    8 albums
  • Culture Vultures

    Culture Vultures - The Hills Have Mouths
    2 albums
  • Crusada

    Crusada - Drug Music - Hip Hop Addiction
    2 albums
  • Contact Play

    Contact Play
    1 album
  • Concept Of Thought

    Concept Of Thought

    Concept Of Thought are emcees Illiterate, Frankie Stew and Awfer, working with various producers. Painting On Silence was their first album, with Track 8. Wake Up featuring Ed Scissortongue.

    1 album
  • Chief Wigz

    Chief Wigs - The Trap Rap Tape Vol. 1
  • Chester P

    Chester P

    Born Joey Coombes, Chester P holds rank as one of the biggest names in UK Hip Hop. Founding Task Force, M.U.D Family and Bury Crew, Chester P made his name with Music From The Corner in the late 90s, and continued displaying his astounding abilities through the ’00s to today. More than just a rapper, … Read in full

    3 albums
  • Ceiling Demons

    Ceiling Demons - Dual Sides

    Ceiling Demons hail from Leeds and consist of brothers Psy Ceiling and Dan Demon on vocals, and Jesster on the beats. They released an E.P. “The Ceiling Demons E.P.” in 2012, and are preparing an L.P. for release in 2013. They make alternative, soulful Hip Hop, with conscious thought in their rhymes.

    3 albums
  • Caxton Press

    Caxton Press

    Rappers Manage, Kingpin and eMCee Killa, singer/rapper Amy True, producer Profound and DJ Snuff are Caxton Press. Their debut album Shame The Devil was a year in the making and aimed to “ignore the status quo and the current themes in rap music and to bring it back to the pavement in its purest form”. … Read in full

    1 album
  • Cappo & Theorist


    The Grand Imperial of Nottingham Cappo and Theorist on the beats.

  • Cappo


    Born and raised in Nottingham, Cappo first entered the world of Hip Hop as a graffiti writer, and started rapping at an early age. He released his first full length LP ‘Spaz the World’ on Brighton based label, Zebra Traffic in 2003. Since that debut release, Cappo has put out numerous E.P.s and mixtapes (see … Read in full

    5 albums
  • BVA


    Born Josh Davey, BVA (MC) has formed an integral part of high-profile rap groups, and in 2013, is preparing to release his debut album “Be Very Aware”. From 2003 he rapped alongside Leaf Dog and Naive in the 3 Amigos, and in 2011, became one quarter of the ornithologically themed Four Owls with Leaf Dog, … Read in full

    2 albums
  • Brothers Of The Stone

    Brothers Of The Stone

    From High Focus Records come Leaf Dog and BVA on the mic, with Illinformed on the beats. A similar grouping to 3 Amigos, with the difference of Naive not appearing on the beats. They released their phenomenal album on 22nd July 2013. The group is tipped to go far, due in part to their past … Read in full

    2 albums
  • Brotherman


    Brotherman made a name for himself with his debut double E.P. The Dark / The Light on the 20th October 2008. The release was critically acclaimed and is one of HHIE’s favourite albums. After this initial success, Brotherman remained very quiet until 2013.

    2 albums
  • Broken Poetz

    Broken Poetz

    Broken Poetz are a group consisting of 2 rappers, Mystero and D.Know and a collection of musicians and producers from Andover, Hampshire. They make soulful, heart-felt, emotional and real music.

    2 albums
  • Braintax


    Rapper and producer Braintax was the founder of Low Life Records, which ceased to exist in 2008 following Braintax’s departure from the scene (and the country) after his aptly-entitled My Last And Best Album. More information can be viewed on this Wikipedia page. More information on his music can be seen at the Discogs link … Read in full

    3 albums
  • Blaktrix

    Blaktrix - The Classic Series

    Born in Bradford, Raised in Manchester, now residing in Cardiff, Blaktrix is a Hip-Hop artist who has released several E.P’s and an LP titled “Some People Never Go Crazy.”.

    1 album
  • Bil Next

    Split Prophets

    Member of Split Prophets.

  • Benny Diction

    Benny Diction

    London lyricist Benny Diction has largely collaborated with Melbourne-based producer Able8. In 2013 Benny was signed to Boom Bap Professionals label, and released his first album on the label in July 2013 “Life Moves”.

    1 album
  • Benaddict


    Benaddict arrived on the scene all of a sudden in 2012, backed by Dirty Dike and started dropping amazing rhymes left, right and centre. He was well received by UKHH heads up and down the country. These days, he releases under his pseudonym Ben Diamond.

    2 albums
  • Ben Diamond

    Ben Diamond

    Ben Diamond released his debut LP “The Diamond LP” on 29th January 2013.

    1 album
  • Baron Samedi

    Baron Samedi

    Baron Samedi is a veteran to the game. In UK Hip Hop for over 10 years, he has many top records to his name. Spit Happens: The Musical is a classic in many eyes and propelled Baron Samedi onto the scene. Animal Rites: The Mixtape came out packed with styles in the form of comedy … Read in full

    6 albums
  • B.O.M.B

    B.O.M.B - B.O.M.B - Artwork

    B.O.M.B are Brazi and Oliver Making Bangers (Luca Brazi and Oliver Sudden). They are working on the Boom Bap Professionals label.

    1 album
  • Asaviour


    Savvy A.K.A. Asaviour is a producer/emcee with a strong following in the scene. He is the orchestrator of several E.P.s and mixtapes and is reminiscent of tracks like People Under The Weather and Money in the Bank. In 2007, he branched away from the scene, launching his own label “Saving Grace Music“. He’s worked with … Read in full

    2 albums
  • Apex Zero

    Apex Theory

    Apex Theory is a rapper from London representing teams First and Last and The Pantheonz of Zenn-la. Apex’s music is probably classed in the more hardcore end of the hip hop spectrum, with the man himself describing his music as “Neo-Hardcore” – hardcore in a new form. Apex is both an emcee and producer. As … Read in full

    1 album
  • Andy Kayes

    Andy Kayes

    Andy Kayes is an English MC who’s often been referred to by the media as a hip hop globetrotter. He travels around the world presenting his work with lyrics describing everyday life and events in a way only he knows how. Whether it is through the episodes of “J’irai rapper chez vous” (home invasion), or … Read in full

  • Akala


    Rapper, vocalist, poet; there are many strings to Akala’s bow. The best source of information on him is on Wikipedia. Akala is known as a conscious rapper, with many of his tracks containing historical anecdotes and thought-provoking messages. Akala is no stranger to exploring complex themes in his tracks; class, race, social conditioning, and is … Read in full

    4 albums
  • Adam

    Adam & Cuth

    Adam Kammerling a.k.a Adam The Rapper. Adam has worked with Producer Cuth to create the wonderful “The Letters E.P.”. More recently he teamed up with Rum Commmittee’s Sherlock Bones to create “Don’t Move”.

    3 albums
  • 3 Amigos

    3 Amigos - World War Three

    3 Amigos are a hip hop crew consisting of producer Naive, and MCs Leaf Dog (A.K.A. L.Lyricist) and BVA MC. They release under the label Real Life Drama Entertainment, and have a list of releases longer than your Mum’s shopping list. Production is on point and lyrics are dropped with freshness, originality and unique voices.

    1 album