Track: Subcultures

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  • You people crack me up
  • You know that, don’t you?
  • I’ve been watching you though
  • Beady-eyed
  • Check it, I’ve got some observations for you
  • I tried to act sociable with the guys down the local
  • But soon realised I was being too hopeful
  • I don’t know cars and I can’t throw darts
  • So I knew in my heart that I stood no chance
  • I tagged along with a gang of vagabonds
  • But my plans to bond went badly wrong
  • I got nervous trying to rob purses
  • Long before the cops surfaced
  • I thought “it’s not worth it”
  • I spent the night with some hippy types
  • Passing the biggest pipe that I’ve ever seen in my life
  • I thought plus these were all about love and peace
  • But they got uppity when I finished off their fucking weed
  • I tried to get friendly with some trendies
  • They tried to tell me to get my hair bleached
  • Know what I thought of their fashion tips?
  • I said “Thanks but I’m happy with the natural look I’ve landed with”
  • I tried to chill with some garage ravers
  • I can’t believe what wankers they were
  • You lads with rude attitudes
  • Are you ever in a happy mood?
  • I met some UK Hip Hop heads on the Internet
  • Thinking “Yes! I’ve finally met some kids who share my interest.”
  • They spent the next 60 minutes on some whinging flex
  • Bitchin’ bout who they think is better: Chester P or Jehst?
  • I started chilling with some indie kids
  • Who dress as if they didn’t have a penny when they’re clearly privileged
  • Obnoxious Oxbridge posh kids in a mosh pit
  • Watched me as if I was dog shit
  • I thought “fuck this”
  • I went to a party full of arty-farty wannabe Dali's
  • All dreaming of the day they paint their masterpiece
  • Charming freaks dressed alarmingly
  • So you can’t perceive the possibility that artistry's not in their arteries
  • I met some footy hooligans, moody cunts
  • Who can’t remember when they first threw a punch
  • When I told them that I support no one
  • They called me a homo and bust my nose open
  • I met some lads who had recently outed
  • And moved like drag queens when they pouted
  • I tried to think that it shouldn’t be a problem
  • But really we just didn’t have a damn thing in common
  • I met some nasty girls who looked like Barbie dolls
  • Dressed in Armani clothes
  • I knew their hearts were cold
  • They treated me like a thick inbred with disrespect
  • And I don’t take shit from stick insects
  • I met a couple into SM
  • She was a leggy wench
  • He was amongst the most scary men I’ve ever met
  • They wanted me to wear leather kecks
  • Come and sit next to them
  • And be their ‘special friend’
  • At this point I thought I needed help
  • None of these subcultures offered me a spot where I could be myself
  • I told them all “Fine, do what you like to
  • But don’t let the limits of your pastime define you”
  • Yo, where’s all the normal people gone man?
  • The fuck’s up with all these…tributaries
  • Tribulations of people nowadays
  • It’s all so wrong
  • It’s all so gloriously wrong

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