Track: Two Point Four (The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family)

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  • The dragon of an ordinary two point four
  • Fire breathing since he was like two foot tall
  • Yeah the kid spits flames
  • You'll have to call the fire brigade just to fix this blaze
  • The dragon of an ordinary two point four
  • Fire breathing since he was like two foot tall
  • The boys got heat, believe
  • About to eat MCs with the fire he breathes
  • The dragon of an ordinary fam
  • The man who thought of an extraordinary plan
  • To ram the dancefloor of any jam
  • With as many fans as he can
  • Clammering and clapping their hands
  • So many ups and downs
  • He just wanted to do his mother proud
  • Trying to earn a couple pound
  • Put some fresh crepps on
  • For the yellow brick road
  • That he stepped on
  • This talent couldn't get slept on
  • That would be dead wrong
  • The dragon stays steady and head strong
  • To captivate many when he's penning his next song
  • Waiting with baited breath creating
  • This the whispers of anticipation
  • Murmurs of his greatness circulated on a daily basis
  • Till he reached the most desolate places
  • A legend was born
  • Fighting down vampires from the dusk to the dawn
  • He blows smoke
  • Spit fire
  • Walking a thin line like a tight-rope trip wire
  • It's really tricky but he's keeping his balance
  • They speak of his talents
  • The praise within reach of his talons
  • So close he can taste it
  • Put a little smoke in the air
  • Yeah embrace it
  • Is he from space or Earth?
  • They're all claiming his lineage and place of birth
  • Blazing herb
  • Smoke cascading from the nostril
  • Capitvated when he's speaking the gospel
  • Calculated how he's reaping the fiscal
  • By the fistful
  • From Liverpool to Bristol
  • And this is all that he knows
  • Spitting flames from the belly
  • Blowing smoke from the nose
  • Till the joe clouds mask the heavens
  • When he sparked the lemon
  • Politicing with Iguana 7
  • On the path to armageddon
  • The dragon of an ordinary team
  • The teen who thought of an extraordinary scheme to gleam
  • And go cop a box of green
  • So in more ways than one he's letting off some steam
  • A lot of biters adopt the theme
  • So he applied copyright laws to this fire he breathes
  • A dangerous breed
  • All hail the beast
  • Deep in the forest
  • Blazing a trail of trees
  • To a place that you fail to see
  • Spitting flames in hammers of thought
  • Thoughts nail the beat
  • You move at a speed snails could creep
  • And never fail to sleep
  • You peep the birth of a giant
  • Voice box furnish
  • You burn in the fire
  • Top choice versus the first on the flyer
  • The brimstone monster emerge from the bogmire

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