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  • Micall Parknsun

    Micall Parknsun

    Producer page for Micall Parknsun.

    1 album
  • Sherlock Bones

    Sherlock Bones

    Releasing projects since 2003, Sherlock Bones is best known as the hip-hop producer and video director/producer hailing the infamous rap collective Rum Committee. After emerging to recognition through the Running Punch album ‘Publish or Perish’ with Captain Bukioe, Bones has maintained a notable influence in several acclaimed projects alongside future break-through artists like Rag’N’Bone Man … Read in full

    2 albums
  • Hashfinger

    HashFinger - Lessons

    Producer based in Bradford. Currently signed to Headcount Records. Creator of several very juicy instrumental tapes. Hit the links on this page to see more and bask in the goodness.

    1 album
  • Harry Love

    DJ Harry Love

    DJ & Producer from West London Harry Love is one of the UK’s longest-standing producers in the Hip Hop scene. As a good friend of Verb T, the two spent time listening to and making music as they grew up. They made “Showbitchness” together. Harry has worked with many artists over the years including Low … Read in full

    1 album
  • Charlie Mac

    Charlie Mac

    Currently signed to Abnoxshuz Entertainment, Charlie Mac is a producer from London. He has a number of instrumental tapes and a 7-track mini-album entitled “The Blitz” which packs verses from Ramson Badbonez, RowD and fellow Abnoxshuz rappers Jinxsta JX, Twizzy and MAB. More recently Charlie produced “Working Class Zero” for Twizzy and Ramson Badbonez’ High … Read in full

    3 albums
  • Fredo


    Fredo a.k.a Freddie Wiltshire is a producer from Oxford, England. Notably, he has worked closely and extensively with Cutta Chase.

    1 album
  • Wizard

    1 album
  • Verb T

    Verb T

    We haven’t been able to add a profile for this producer yet

    9 albums
  • The Last Skeptik

    The Last Skeptik

    Releasing his first 12″ single in 2004 featuring Sway, the renowned beat builder more recently could be heard on his and Rewd Adams’ 2012 album, How Not To Make A Living. On May 6th 2013, he released an instrumentals album on BBE Records entitled Thanks For Trying.

    4 albums
  • Stealf


    Stealf started life off as a DJ before getting some inheritance money from his Grandpa. He had already decided that he wanted to try something new so he got himself some Denon CD decks and a Vestax mixer and began playing about with some tracks and working on the odd remix. It was at this … Read in full

    1 album
  • Runone

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway

    Harry Robinson a.k.a. Runone has produced for Fliptrix amongst others.

    2 albums
  • Pro P

    Pro P

    Pro P is a producer/DJ from Manchester. He’s got many beats featured on his Bandcamp page, which are stated to be free for not-for-profit use. You can also catch him on Soundcloud. Pro P has produced for many artists including: Bill Sykes, Frisko, Spider Jaroo, Cheech, Wordsmiff Flip, Suus, Dan Bull, Shotty Horroh and more.

    10 albums
  • Pete Cannon

    Pete Cannon

    We haven’t been able to add a profile for this producer yet

    6 albums
  • Naive


    We haven’t been able to add a profile for this producer yet

  • Mr Thing

    Mr Thing

    We haven’t been able to add a profile for this producer yet

    1 album
  • Mr Boss

    Mr Boss

    We haven’t been able to add a profile for this producer yet

    1 album
  • Molotov

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway

    We haven’t been able to add a profile for this producer yet

    3 albums
  • Metabeats


    We haven’t been able to add a profile for this producer yet

    2 albums
  • LG

    Hailing from West London, Lenny Greenberg aka LG is highly regarded as one of the UKs most accomplished Hip Hop producers. Best known for co-founding the seminal Hip Hop label Sit Tight Records with producer Lopez and rocking countless shows as Micall Parknsuns tour DJ, LG has worked with a plethora of talented artists such … Read in full

  • Lewis Parker

    Lewis Parker

    We haven’t been able to add a profile for this producer yet

  • Leaf Dog

    Leaf Dog

    Rapper and Producer Leaf Dog started out in 3 Amigos alongside BVA and Naive on production. He is now signed to High Focus and runs Real Life Drama Records alongside BVA. He is also a member of Brothers Of The Stone and is the exclusive producer for Four Owls. He has produced for many an … Read in full

    13 albums
  • Lamplighter


    Lamplighter (aka Robin Legge) is a Glasgow based musician/producer with a production style firmly rooted in the hip-hop aesthetic.

    5 albums
  • Krate Krusaders

    Krate Krusaders

    A production duo consisting of 1 Step and Badhabitz. They formed in 2007, and have produced for many artists including: Akil The Mc ( Jurassic 5), Grand Agent, Kasha, Farma G, Genesis Elijah, Ahmos and Cappo. They also have 2 of their own releases which feature some of the best UK MCs: Krate Krsuaders Presents … Read in full

    2 albums
  • Kosyne


    Also a rapper, Kosyne is signed to Eatgood Records. Kosyne operates out of Louis Den, a remnant from the pre-Eatgood era when Sonnyjim and Kosyne used the place as a lab for recording their material. Kosyne’s first record was “Barcodes” from Sonnyjim’s “Soul Trader E.P.”.

  • Kontigo


    Kontigo has produced for Fliptrix as well as having solo material under his belt.

  • Kerem Fraiche

    Kerem Fraiche

    Kerem Fraiche has produced for Fliptrix on Third Eye Of The Storm and Jam Baxter on “Gruesome Features”. He also produced tracks on Mowgli’s 93.

  • K9


    Signed to Blak Twang’s Rottonous Records in 2005, K9 raps and produces. He featured on Blak Twang’s single GCSE from the Rotten Club album, and has a quantity of quality material available on Bandcamp.

    1 album
  • Jon Phonics

    Jon Phonics

    We haven’t been able to add a profile for this producer yet

    1 album
  • JJ Malone

    JJ Malone

    We haven’t been able to add a profile for this producer yet

    1 album
  • Imperial


    Currently residing in Cambridge, UK, Imperials love of multiple genres along with his own personal flavor shines through brightly in his past work. With a full instrumental project currently in the works and the passion and motivation to be a true innovator in the genre, there’s certainly a bright future ahead for the young producer. … Read in full

  • Illinformed


    Illinformed is one third of Brothers Of The Stone alongside Leaf Dog and BVA. He has produced for many big names including Vinnie Paz, Jman, Jam Baxter, Ras Kass.

    10 albums
  • DJ Roast Beatz

    DJ Roast Beatz

    Roast Beatz likes to cook. It’s in the name. Whether on the turntables, or on production it’s getting cooked! A multi genre DJ who concentrates on more than just beat matching and looking fancy. Bringing Hip hop, turntablism, Funk, Ghetto Funk and mashups to crowds all over UK, it’s a name that’s amplifying through the … Read in full

    1 album
  • Dag Nabbit

    Dag Nabbit

    The genius behind all of the beats. Dag makes his living programming universally acclaimed hip-hop beats from Dented Studios, which are built into his house. The talented producer, who was classically trained on the violin as a child, has always been heavily involved in music and started making beats in 1995. Travelling all his life, … Read in full

  • Cuth


    Cuth is the man behind the acclaimed “The Letters E.P.” which is the collaboration between him and Adam The Rapper/Adam Kammerling. He also produced “Journeys E.P.” with Frankie Stew on vocals. He has also produced for Cutta Chase.

    3 albums
  • Chemo


    Chemo began as a Producer and DJ for south london group ‘Frontline’ along with MC’s Syanyde and LeEo. Alongside rapper Conflix he created the Character Assassins series of mixtapes which were notable for featuring ‘Assassin Sessions’ which were recordings made in one take to simulate the live Cypher element of Hip-Hop events. Alongside DJ Snuff, … Read in full

    6 albums
  • Beat Butcha

    Beat Butcha

    Beat Butcha is a renowned Hip Hop producer who has worked with countless artists on this side of the Atlantic and the other. UK artists who have worked with Beat Butcha include Jehst, Klashnekoff, Plan B, Ghetts, Roots Manuva, Rodney P, Triple Darkness.

  • Baileys Brown

    Baileys Brown - Eyes Speak Louder Than Words

    Bristol-based producer who has worked with the likes of Split Prophets, and produced Datkid’s album Home By 8. His album “Eyes Speak Louder Than Words”, featured a ream of artists including: DGreen, Datkid, Paro, Flying Monk, Kali Mist, Koast, Upront MC, Redskin, Dash Vilz, Ramson Badbonez, Mackie Skillz, Dirty Dike, Jay Wilcox, C-Strikez, Prime, Leaf … Read in full

    3 albums
  • Apa-Tight


    Apatight has produced countless records for heads like Sonnyjim, the YnR label (Jehst, Asaviour, Micall Parknsun), Jack Flash. Straight out of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Apa-Tight is an accomplished producer know for cooking up hot beats for the likes of Jack Flash, Micall Parknsun, Professor Green and many more. Constantly bangin’ out hits in the lab, … Read in full

  • Able8


    Able8 is an Australian producer, who in terms of UKHH has collaborated with Benny Diction creating the “Spring E.P.”, ahead of their collaborative LP “Life Moves”, released on BBP.

    1 album
  • 184


    South London’s 184 is one of the most talked about producers on the UK Hip-Hop scene. He’s the man behind the boards on many of your favourite tracks and has worked with the cream of the UK hip hop scene including: Jehst, Buggsy, Kashmere, SonnyJim, Fliptrix, Dirty Dike, Jam Baxter and London Zoo. 184 co … Read in full

    2 albums