On Wednesday 9th of May, long-time UK MC and producer Baron Samedi releases the latest in his current series of free EPs, entitled Ghost Network Vol. 2, comprising 10 tracks of self-produced intelligent, forward-thinking hip hop.

Baron has made a name for himself over the years, both as a solo MC and member of Undercurrent, and as a producer who has had artists such as Genesis Elijah, Kyza, Iron Braidz, Grit Grammar, Dan Bull, Chris Leese and more blessing his beats. Ghost Network Vol. 2 represents the latest chapter in his musical quest to push forward the boundaries of UK hip hop.

The EP will be available to the public from 09/05/12 onwards (05/09/12 to any Americans out there) on FREE DOWNLOAD from http://baronsamedi.bandcamp.com but you can download the preview copy now from the mediafire link below, please consider it for review, or simply sharing on your site:


You can also check out the new video for the track Where The Wild Things Are, taken from the EP, here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwoQPjhz60M&hd=1

The album Wanderland and the Ghost Network Vol. 1 EP are still available on free download from http://baronsamedi.bandcamp.com as well

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Thanks in advance for your support!

Baron Samedi Spitting