So you already know that we think highly of Fliptrix here at He’s an established rapper and a big name on the UK scene. He’s a sick rapper but also a good thinker on and off the wax. Having had some difficulties receiving his latest offering on CD format (strictly shitty postal services, NOT the fault of High Focus), we are finally able to bring you a short review of the product itself.

This is not your standard CD. At least, not “standard” in the sense of UK Hip Hop. Usually, you get a CD and maybe a couple of stickers. In this case, you get a more complete product: a fold out CD case, lyrics and art book, and a bunch of stickers. Sure, the stickers are just for promotional purposes, but the lyrics book goes deeper. It provides a more complete product. (Yes, you know how much we like lyrics round these parts!). It shows the rapper has put as much thought into his music as he has into the way he sells it to you.

Here are some photos for you, in case you hadn’t made your mind up yet.

Fliptrix - Third Eye Of The Storm Cover
Front cover with the attractive Third Eye logo in Fliptrix’s hands

Cover Front and Back

Normal so far. Front and back design

Fold out CD case

The attractive, art-packed fold out case
Lyrics book - Pages 3 & 4
Our favourite part! Lyrics
Lyrics book - Pages 5 & 6
More lyrics!
Lyrics book - Pages 9 & 11
And the lyrics keep coming
Back pages of lyrics book
Dedications to all who collaborated and supported

And finally for good measure…

Promotional HF, 4O and Fliptrix stickers

Overall, what we’re saying is this: The whole product screams quality. It also reeks of effort, hard work and dedication. We appreciate Fliptrix is in a more suitable situation than other UK rappers to produce this sort of material. He’s not the only rapper who’s capable of such work by any means. We just appreciate the rounded product and hope you do too. Remember, you can (and should) grab it here:

If you’ve missed out on any of his lyrics, look here:

If you have any pictures of the vinyl version, we’d love to see them. Please email us with any material at: [email protected] or use the “Submit” button in the “Contact” menu.

Enjoy. Peace.