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Rag N Bone Man & Leaf Dog (Feat. Sonnyjim) – Digging For GoldLeaf Dog – TodayBlaktrix – The Classic Series Part 2Baron Samedi – The HorrorRamson Badbonez & DJ Fingerfood (Feat. MAB) – Anti ConvoThe Mouse Outfit (Feat. Black Josh & LyriCalligraphy) – Know My FaceRamson Badbonez – (November) DesperationFliptrix – Patterns Of EscapismChillman (Feat. Verb T) – You Are You


Dr. Syntax – My NightJam Baxter – QJehst – Brimstone RockFliptrix – The RealisationSkuff – (I Don’t) Like ThisThe Mouse Outfit (Feat. Dr Syntax) – Every Single TimeMicall Parknsun – My Own Worst EnemyJehst – TimelessTask Force – JD On Ice


E And Daniel’s – Bar Crawl E.P.Jack Jetson – Adventures Of Johnny StrangeCutta Chase & Fredo – The Fifth Element LPGi3mo – The Untold Adventures Of Gary GuttersnypeThe Mouse Outfit – Escape MusicBroken Poetz – The Self Fulfilling PropheciesBVA – Be Very AwareIron Braydz – Verbal SwardzRamson Badbonez – A Year In The Life Of Oscar The Slouch


BVA – ExclusiveDr Syntax – ExclusiveFrankie Stew – ExclusiveEd Scissortongue – Exclusive