A short note about who we are, and what we stand for.

Origin and Lyrics

HHIE was conceived and created in late 2010, and in May 2011, hiphopinenglish.com was born. It was a project designed to transcribe as many UK Hip Hop lyrics as possible, in tribute and respect to their creators. We have always firmly believed that lyrics are the deepest part of the music, and really are a portal to the soul of the person delivering them. We have always been conscious of accessibility too. Modern UK Hip Hop is being heard outside of the UK too, and we felt non-native speakers could get something out of seeing their favourite tracks in written form. In turn, this would bring in support and revenue for the creating artist. Additionally, some people are visual learners, and so they can appreciate works of art better when they are written down. Judging the quality of a prose is also a factor: on a track, an MC’s voice or accent can influence the listener, but on paper, the words speak for themselves.

Lyrics come in various forms too. Some look great written as prose, and still transmit imagery and feeling. Others don’t work this way, and can seem empty or meaningless. Without an emcee’s voice delivering them, they are very different. We don’t discriminate, we publish what we enjoy listening to, in order for you to enjoy it the same way.

Recent Times

More recently, we have started to expand our database of information. We are reviewing material, interviewing artists, and providing information about future releases. We are gearing towards becoming the portal between producers, rappers, promoters and the fans.

Why We Do What We Do

As fans of UK Hip Hop, we wanted to give something back to a scene/genre we feel is massively underrated and does not get the praise it deserves.

Who Is The Site For?

The site is for use by anyone, and we try to cater for those starting to listen to UK Hip Hop, as much as those who are veteran listeners. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the lyrics on our site, as long as they support the artist they’re feeling.
The site is (currently) only available in English, but is easy to navigate even if English is not your first language.

About Us

It doesn’t really matter who we are, we just try to keep people up to date with UK Hip Hop.
It should be noted that the HHIE team is (almost) entirely based outside of the UK, meaning that our coverage of UK Hip Hop events is lacking compared to other sites. This is something we are actively working to rectify.


If you’re interested in collaborating with us, you can check out our Collaboration page.