Track: Life In A Day

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  • Everybody just drift with me. Blissfully. Ha! like Look
  • So I self-medicate trying to balance the ill,
  • Feels great laid the table at a family meal
  • With our significant others, sisters and brothers,
  • Friends plus friends of friends you gotta love it
  • It's like your crew’s photographed from years passed,
  • Songs that remind you of times that were real hard
  • Songs that remind you of times that were great,
  • Mind in the place I can create
  • Try to relate, rise to debate,
  • Bite from me hate.
  • Crime doesn't pay.
  • My mind doesn't stray.
  • This cycle is strange,
  • I'm a boring and plain-type guy that’s deranged
  • Riding the plane, staring out the window in spite of the haze,
  • Deciphering names and unlocking codes quite like in the game,
  • Some will die for the fame in this life – that’s a shame,
  • Where goods are irrelevant, price is the aim,
  • Spiralling fast in a cycle of hate,
  • Died and decayed and they find your remains,
  • This man was once a guy with a name, that time didn't change,
  • Don't get the picture? Put mind in the frame,
  • Euphoria is in your mind as you pray,
  • Open up the universal light for the day,
  • And for the first time it seems like life isn't grey,
  • Wow! Look at these colours. Guys, I'm amazed.
  • Why did spend all my time hiding away?
  • I couldn't say, but now I've got to go and live life in a day.

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