Broken Poetz - The Self Fulfilling Prophecies
We last brought you news from Broken Poetz earlier in the year when they dropped “The Pen, The Pad & The Things We Had“. Well, now they’re back with a freshly-baked 6-track E.P., offered on a “pay-what-you-can” basis. (You know the score by now, if you like what you hear, give the artist some money).

Kicking off the release is “Altered Egoz”, an excellent reminder of how Broken Poetz come together on top of a funky, soulful and catchy beat. Mystero and D.Know demonstrate their versatility, passing the mic on a line by line basis. The message in the first track is clear:

We had to do this while we’re juggling, work, fam and hustling, first we had none of it, Poetz get to write about everything you’re suffering, first time around, we talked about the rut we’re in, second time around, get to see us while we’re bubbling, the next line’s fat, as if it was a double chin, I guess it’s our time, like we’re drinking from a jug of Pimm’sBroken Poetz

“Break My Heart In 2” opens with some funky trumpets, aided by a whack of bass, a luscious female vocal hook, and intelligent verses from both emcees. This one is a guaranteed head banger.

“It Will Help You” is a far more laidback affair. Lazy guitar strings back the memories of a person from the past, as Mystero tells us. This track also carries a catchy hook, and the beat reflects the reminiscence in the lyrics:

One day we’ll meet again, but not today, you went away and now I’m trying hard to keep it sane, and all because of you, you never knew just what you did for me, you could see me make my life complete – set my dreams free.Mystero

“Trying Hard To Speak” is another joint packed with human emotion, the struggle to make sense of life, and as the title suggests, the difficulty in finding words to express feelings. The track leads into “Get Myself Straight” featuring the vocals of Jade Fuller. This track showcases yet again the Poetz’ ability to express memories, evoke empathy and display tremendous honesty through their words.

The 6-track release rounds off with “Goin’ Out Tonight”, an upbeat party-themed number which echoes the trials and tribulations of a night out. Women, drinks, rapping, all the essential elements are present. This is a great culmination to “The Self Fulfilling Prophecies”, and leaves the listener on a happy note, with humorous wordplay nested amongst the catchy beat.

Those who like introspective, intelligent Hip Hop will find themselves at home with Broken Poetz. The lyrics are on point, and the beats are complete and prone to some head nodding.

Grab the release from here, and have a listen below. We’ll be publishing the lyrics soon, so keep an eye out, and consider signing up to our weekly lyrics in your inbox service. If you’re in or around Andover on Friday 6th December, you can catch Broken Poetz performing their material alongside Dead Players. Find the flyer below the Bandcamp stream below.

Broken Poetz & Dead Players