One of our favourite and most inimitable rappers is back with a couple of singles to keep us in check. Ralph Rip Shit‘s distinctive flow and subject matter have long been a symbol of the man’s ability to craft sentences that speak directly to your brain piece.

I iron nothing. My clothes don’t give a fuck. I hang around with hippies split your head from double Dutch. We live inside the hill, my life is ill, I tell the time to chill, I fight the boring like I might be killed

This snippet taken from “Floater” was produced by A.H. Fly (producer for Universal Soldiers). It came out in February 2013 but HHIE were sleeping and missed it. So submerge your synapses in the studio sessions vid, then grab the track for free!

Track download link.

Sick artwork for the track from Hop Fences.

Ralph Rip Shit & A.H. Fly - Floater

Second up is “Kapish”, and this one is produced by Edinburgh-based 12 Original Players. This one also comes packed with mind-blowing lyricism and Ralph’s typical laidback laissez-faire style.

Too raw, hit the pink like a cue ball, Ralph run a mouth, I am too small, like Russia is.

This one is free too, and should not be missed by anyone with an ear for image heavy lyrics and a chilled, well-laced beat.

Grab the track from here.

Ralph Rip Shit - Kapish

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