South-coast MC Tay Devenny recently released a new E.P. entitled “Obulous”. He’s a young MC (18) but this is not his first release, and he shows maturity in his rhymes which lace some smoky, laid-back beats. The beats come courtesy of The Distance Ensemble a.k.a Bit1.
Tay Devenny - Obulous
The release opens with a relaxing, wavy sound, overlaid with a male narrative. “Fallen” has an edgy sound to it:

I dibble and dabble into the depths of my dungeon

As a bit of a contrast, “Reminiscing” takes you on a hazy journey through the sometimes frustrating process of lyric writing.
But it’s hard when you’re stuck in the sense of your limbo, intelligence level depleted, level achieved: blond bimbo

The tone picks up for “Run It” but maintains the laid-back vibe of the whole E.P. The track gives a springtime feeling.
“The Melody” talks about music: creating, promoting, publishing:
Music is my key to my freedom, I need it, I breathe it, I feel it

Wrapping the E.P. up is “LCN”, which features a glitchy beat, and heartfelt lyrics.
The whole E.P. is nice. A maturing MC, with a consistent vibe – the beats too. We’re looking forward to hearing more from Tay Devenny (who promises “more ish to come”). You can grab the E.P. for free from Tay’s Bandcamp. Don’t forget to check out his previous E.P. “Scriptures” too.
We’ll keep you updated on his work. Let us know your take on the E.P. in the comments.