Track: Camberwell Carrots

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  • I'm the shining star
  • Lightning spark
  • Camberwell carrots
  • I can see the in dark
  • Cupid's arrow lodged deep in my heart
  • Love for the art
  • Gifted; the way I'm so swift with the dart
  • Lifting the cup
  • I'm a champion
  • You love to see me live it up
  • That's why I can't ever give it up
  • Put your hands together
  • Give it up!
  • Ain't nothing pretty in this city, for real
  • But we can put our heads together if you're willing to build
  • I see a vision of Elysian Fields
  • Another day in the life of Mr William Shields
  • We're slum villagers
  • Drunk off of miniatures
  • Fuck the ministers
  • And the crumbs that they're giving us
  • Behind the bars with political prisoners
  • Conspiracies to limit us to indigenous listeners
  • And tone down the content
  • Water down the accent
  • And dumb down the image on some Jazz-hand theatrics
  • Singing and dancing in a top hat
  • The belle of the ball
  • I keep it street like Top Cat
  • And Benny The Ball
  • Silique of a penniless fool
  • Living on the edge
  • Ready to fall
  • Down again
  • And this time I might not pick myself back up
  • Dust myself down, and put it down to luck
  • Life is a cruel mistress
  • She's down to make love
  • But she ain't down to fuck
  • Your body buckled by the pain
  • Struggling in vain, wondering how to maintain
  • Neighbours strung out on Crack-Cocaine
  • They switch-up the story
  • But the facts don't change
  • They remain
  • Simple and plain
  • It's no use
  • Groundhog Day
  • You stay stuck in the loop
  • And nobody's giving up the loot
  • Play to win
  • But it's Trivial Pursuits
  • False promises, and fool's gold
  • From out the cracks in the concrete
  • A stone rose
  • And freedom is so close I can taste it
  • But never close enough for me to fully embrace it
  • A lifestyle so basic
  • Let's face it

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