Track: Hard Work

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  • I can turn my hand to any style I want, depending on what vibe I’m on/
  • Love, peace & happiness, to bang him with an iron rod/
  • Whiney little Emo, to an ego like I’m a god
  • & I could make a pile of gwop but fuck it I just pied it off
  • Cos I refuse to compromise my lot just for the sterling/
  • I’m me for every penny of the pounds that I’ve been earning/
  • And one thing that’s for certain, I’ll keep the fire burning/
  • And stay true to myself until I face the final curtain/
  • I’ve been working like a dog, so please forgive me if I bark a bit
  • I don’t give a toss if you’re a badman when your bars are shit
  • It’s a major labels loss because they don’t know how to market this/
  • A living definition of what an independent artist is
  • So bump your system loud
  • Turn you music up, ‘cos I’m a bun the system down
  • Keep ice & chains cos I ain't come to piss about
  • This is a different sound, I’ll kill it til the industry is disembowelled
  • It’s time to get the money in
  • Style raw enough to make ya eyes water like an onion
  • I tell the truth I tryna be a funny en
  • Bring the greatest of all time & I’m a curry him
  • I’m tryna build a brand from the ground up
  • Been broke now I’m tryna get the pounds up
  • For now the whole brow stays frowned up
  • Until I see the figures in my bank account mount up
  • Grinding like a coke heads teeth
  • Bars are intricately woven so the flow gets peak
  • I want paying but ain’t making that processed cheese
  • Cos I ain't tryna write a track about a Rolex Sweep.
  • Peep.. it gets deep without an aqua lung
  • So there’s passion in the bars when I’m rapping ‘em
  • Syncopate the war cry to the banging drum
  • Can in hand, mastering my art like Alex Young
  • I work twice as hard as the next guy
  • On the hustle til the second that the cheques signed
  • I don’t believe that I can settle in my next life
  • You’re only here once you know & homie, I’m a get mine.
  • But I ain't all about the peso,
  • I don’t play thug with just the right amount of J-Lo
  • Bills still come in by the day so
  • I’m tryna get em studying my quotes like Plato
  • Cos courage is knowing what not to fear
  • So if ya think I’m shook of ya tough act you’re on the gear
  • This ain't a pop track, talking bout it’s hot in here
  • I’m tryna make the rent off the realness they wanna hear
  • I been through drama in my life & it ain't over yet
  • But I learnt from my mistakes so like the ink suggests, No Regrets
  • If ya here to stack some chips, that’s some shit I won’t respect
  • My bars are born from moments where the rhythm & my soul connect
  • I work hard, it's hard work
  • When you're tryna put the art first
  • But i admit that I'm in love with the music
  • I'm just sick of seeing suckers abuse it, that's why;
  • I work hard, it's hard work
  • When you're tryna put the art first
  • I admit I'm still in love with the music
  • I'm just sick of seeing suckers abuse it
  • That's true shit.

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