So…what is End Of Level Boss Music? Well, let’s set the scene, the jolly in-game music fades out, the scenery dulls into blackness, you’ve got a matter of seconds to check your power-ups/items and surroundings (there’s usually rumbling too) before a menacing soundtrack starts up and you’re presented with a monster of gigantic proportions. Think Robotnik, Bowser, M Bison, Gorro all rolled into one; this is the sort of music they’d play when they’re at home!.

End of Level Boss Music has Percy Filth upping his game with maximum hit points; his production style has elevated meaning the drums knock even harder than ever before, the synths are even more infectious and the trademark glitches/blips and bloops are very much live in effect! Meanwhile, Mylo is deadly as always and used all of his experience to unlock hidden characters like Rola Roc, Sonnyjim, Kosyne, Juice Aleem, Bva, Eva Lazarus, Split Prophets and Serocee to help him on his quest as he smashes through 7 tracks of stellar hip hop.