Great adventures need great music, on some Indiana Jones shit. Well remember those things called “beats”? Beats that went UHH, and THUNK, and WHUT, and KLACK, and got you in the solar plexus rather than nibbling your neck? These those beats right here. Raw beats, beats with too much cellulite in their arse, those Iron Gut beats, Dogfood with its clattering Soul Assassins boom, rainy day afternoon sesh jazz on Ashes Falling, the ragged-ass rumba of Bingo!, the metronomic funk dirt of Go Back… And, through it all, the man Gary Guttersnypes going it alone – no rap guest drops here – singing songs of sickness and a pocket full of rye (whiskey) and, in Britflix, the finest single-theme scheme you’ll hear this year.
Executive Producer : Gi3mo
Mixed By Gi3mo
Mastered By O.N.E.
Tracks 1,5,7,8 & 12 Produced By Gi3mo
Tracks 3,4,6,9,10,11 & 13 Produced By KD
Track 2 Produced By Mr.J
Cuts On Track 4 By Dj Choice
Additional Vocals On Tracks 2 & 10 By Rag’N’Bone Man
Illustrations By Captain Bukioe
Art Layout By Gustav Balderdash
© 2013 Rumbustious Records