Gi3mo, a.k.a. Gary Gutternsypes, a.k.a. Big Gizzy. Hailing from Boozetown (Brighton), Gi3mo is a member of Rum Committee.

This very well bio says it all best:
“On the south coast of England there is a town called Brighton, although certain residents there call it Boozetown, for reasons you’d understand if you went there on a cold autumn night when the sea wind makes shivers that only a double rum or two can extinguish. In Brighton there’s a big old beach, and along that beach there runs a long promenade. On that promenade, there is a bench. Sat on that bench, there is a man, swigging from a can of something that you can be sure isn’t Red Bull. You may find him noshing on a box of greasy chicken, or smoking something hand-rolled, as the waves wash the beach. Meet Gizmo, aka Gary Guttasnypes, aka Big Gizzy, noteworthy microphone molester and scourge of the South Coast.

You know Giz. You know him as 20% of the vocal constituents of Rum Committee, the 10-strong – at least – collective of dastardly swine responsible for dodgy (in a good way) underhand (again, a compliment) confections like Boozetown and Committee Is Boss, records that drip with liquor sweat and camaraderie and beats to bludgeon you in the skull. But there’s a time in every man’s life when he has to go it alone, and for Gary Guttasnypes, the time has come, a time to tell tales of hitherto unimpaired misdemeanors….”