OK. So from the get go let me tell you that this one is awesome in many ways. A starter for 10: How can this be called an EP at 13 tracks long? How is this free output when the quality, themes, production and what-have-you are very consistent throughout? I dare you to find a “filler” track nestling amongst this quality speaker food.

The beats are catchy and strictly chilled out and Cutta Chase consistently demonstrates why he is considered to be one of the more slept on artists in the UK at the moment. He delivers his words in his typical relaxed style, and casts life commentaries left, right and centre. There’s a refreshing honesty in his rhymes too. You feel he’s lived what he’s uttering, and each riff is an anecdote of a snippet on life – a painful or happy memory.

Cutta Chase - Tonguestrung E.P. (Part 1)

Welcome to the mission of a mad man, different with a vision of a difference in this mad land.

We’re all about the lyrics here at HHIE, (and we’ll bring you some more Cutta Chase soon) and this release is packed with quotables.

The sound is constant too. As I said, the rhythm remains solid and the chilled style keeps being refreshing, merging guitar hooks (Eye Tryed) with soul samples. Vision Of A Madman features some chunky brass whilst Welcome To Wonderland pairs piano with percussion seamlessly. The sounds come together well but are succinctly different, allowing each twist and turn of the E.P. to be pleasing on the ears.

Produced eloquently by Lewis Kalashnikova and Fredo, this sound is one to be proud of bumping wherever you are. Your mates who aren’t into hip hop can feel this, and hip hop heads can bask in its artistry, poetry, lyricism, whichever aspect you’re into.

And the best of all? Aside that it’s free? This is only Part 1 of The Tongue Strung Project, leading up to “Wisdom Teeth Part 2”. This guy’s workrate is phenomenal considering he put out “Sunshine For The Blind E.P.” a couple of weeks back.

Be sure to grab this one. In my eyes, this is the best UK Hip Hop I’ve heard so far this year.

Download link here.