Res and Datkid of Split Prophets, the crew from Bristol who have been making waves in the UK Hip Hop world since they sprang into action a couple of years back, have made their album “Drugs, Booze & Dental Issues” available for pre-order. The album will drop on 1st July 2013, and there are 300 vinyl copies available for pre-order now. The 12″ will come with ten tracks, whilst the digital release packs 15 tracks. Production comes courtesy of the competent chemistry of Badhabitz (of Krate Krusaders) and Baileys Brown. The album features a fair few artists such as Leafdog & BVA, Upfront, Paro, Bil Next, Flying-monk, Life, Lee Scott, Twotungs, Mistafire, DGreen, & Confusion.

Hit the links below the video to get your order on. Peep the video for “Comparisons” here:

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Pre-order Drugs, Booze & Dental Issues here