Many of you have probably seen the name “Wordplay” recently. That’s probably because you’ve seen DJ Sammy B-Side’s Wordplay Sessions mixes mentioned on Facebook, YouTube and the like. Well, just to be clear, these are a part of Wordplay Magazine’s bumper-pack offerings.

Wordplay Magazine started off as a graffiti mag a decade ago. Now they are combining the graffiti content with UK Hip Hop too. The mag covers everything from interviews with rappers and taggers, to reviews of new material and places to get your clothing. It’s a one-stop source of hip hop culture – essential for staying up to date. Especially if you’re like us at HHIE, and you live outside Britain, the mag is great for getting a dose of what’s going on in the UK scene. We’ve never been into the graffiti scene, but the mag gives you great insight into what goes on, and features some quality quality artwork.

Just as an example, this Autumn’s edition contains (amongst other things) interviews with Kool G Rap, Necro, Fliptrix, Baxter, Split Prophets and C2c (French Turntablist legends). There’s also a piece on Glasgow tagger Power and plenty of reviews of music. These include Jam Baxter’s Gruesome Features, Skuff’s Destroy Everything, Kill The Noise, Verb T, Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik, and a heap more.

But magazines are outdated surely? A thing of the past? A relic? Don’t be ridiculous. As we opened the mag we realised what idiots we’d been for neglecting the physical press. Reading things on the internet for so long really makes you forget how to appreciate holding something physical in your hands. You can put it down, but you’re going to pick it back up. You can absorb so much more than when you stare at a screen, and that helps you relate. Still not convinced we’re right? Then just think of music. When you hold a CD in your hands and you stare at the artwork, or you feel the sleekness of a vinyl sleeve, that’s a million times better than your disposable MP3 collection. Buy, download, and sit in Winamp (or whatever), nah, that’s empty, a bit soulless. Holding it in your hands makes it real.
Wordplay Magazine So, the music. This edition packs a punch. Scissortongue interviews Baxter, who talks about Gruesome Features, and life in High Focus touring the country. Split Prophets talk about their philosophy and lots of their upcoming projects. Producers get a look-in too. 184 (who has worked with most of the rappers under the sun) explains his beat-making process. There’s a bit of something for everyone.
Wordplay Magazine - Split Prophets

You also get a load of free music – not least DJ Sammy B-Side’s Wordplay sessions. Featuring a fleet of MCs, this is an eclectic mix of tunes from up and down the UK. Have a little peek here.

The mixtape comes free with the mag, but you can cop it for 2 quid from the Bandcamp above.
Wordplay Magazine - Music The latest edition of the mag gifts you Rum Committee’s Booze Town and (new to us) Twizzy, M.A.B. and Jinxsta JX’s The Three Headed Beast. You also get a Wordplay Magazine T-shirt (white or black) when you subscribe too.
Wordplay Magazine - TShirt

Subscription is extremely fairly-priced in our humble opinion. If you live in the UK it’ll cost you 25 pounds for a year, getting you the merch we mentioned above, and seasonal copies of the Magazine and the Wordplay Sessions mixtape. If you live outside the UK (like us), then the subscription will cost you 35 quid, but after receiving our first edition of the mag and the music, we reckon it’s gonna be well worth it.

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