UPDATE: We’ve posted the lyrics for this track here.
One of HHIE’s favourites Mr. Edward Scissortongue unveils a new track lifted off the increasingly popular Wordplay Sessions Mixtape series (Vol. 2) by DJ Sammy B-Side. The track is produced by Dirty Dike, and we have to say we like this beat! The violin cuts are always a winner at HHIE – we love them, and the beat leaves you with a yearning, kind of eery feeling. Scissortongue unleashes some imagery on top of this one, rolling nicely over the breaks. An excellent result as we think you’ll agree. We’re only left with one question. Does a theremin feature in the track? Let us know if you think you clocked one.

Keep your eyes peeled cos in the next couple of days we’ll bring you the lyrics to this track, and we’ll also have a feature on the Wordplay Magazine series.