Thanks For Trying is the latest offering from beat builder The Last Skeptik. You may recognise the name from his collaboration in 2010 with Rewd Adams, when the two teamed up to make the acclaimed album How Not To Make A Living. In 2007, he produced Broken Window with Verb T on the mic. Some may even remember his first 12″ single with Sway in 2004.

May 6th 2013 sees Thanks For Trying released on BBE Records. The album is 15 tracks of instrumental goodness. Actually, that’s not strictly true; “Lullaby” features Jehst. A relaxed, laidback affair, with some very catchy samples (namely the hook on “Be There”), and good flow throughout the tracks. This is definitely one to welcome in the warmer season. Check out the visuals below, particularly the feature-length Pick Your Battles.

Thanks For Trying is now available to buy, or you can see more from The Last Skeptik’s website.

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And finally, for an insight into the mystery of the identity of The Last Skeptik, check out this feature comedy piece, complete with cameos from some recognisable faces!

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