Packed with socio-political and liberation-centred views, this album is for the serious listener.

1 Shackled By The Pound (prod by Apex Zero)
2 Absolute Zero (prod by Apex Zero)
3 Power Source (War at Night) (prod by OMeziah)
4 Our Times ft OMeza Omniscient & Kyra (prod by Apex Zero)
5 Walk on Water ft Seapa & OMeza Omniscient (prod by Apex Zero)
6 Dont Follow The Image ft OMeza Omniscient & Amy True (prod by Apex Zero)
7 Obtain Bearing (prod by Apex Zero)
8 Chaotic Revolt (prod by Apex Zero)
9 A Meeting of the Continents ft Hasan Salaam & Iron Braydz (prod by DJ Fortune)
10 Spray The Roof ft OMeza Omniscient & Invincible Armour (prod by Apex Zero)
11 Growth (Slay the Basilisk) (prod by Apex Zero)
12 Reality Provoking Liberation ft OMeza Omniscient (prod by Omeziah)