Apex Theory - Reality Provoking Liberation
West London’s Apex Zero, has recently released a 12 track debut LP, a verbal lambasting directed straight at the head honchos holding office all over the world. Delicate it is not. With a reputation for ferocity and spitting political fire, Apex Zero brings you Reality Provoking Liberation. With collabs from Iron Braydz and long time co-conspirator Omeza Omniscient (First and Last) alongside Amy True of Caxton Press and having received a whole heap of back patting from the press and interwebs alike, we wanted to take a look.

Like an exocet missile Apex Zero comes straight out of the gate with hard hitting, politically themed Armageddon. I often find that verbal brutality in cadence and flow can, like the finest of makeup shotguns, cover up the flaws beneath. With Apex this just is not the case. Chopped up soaring strings are the soup du jour with smatterings of intercontinental vocal samples – demonstrating a heavy influence from beat makers and wordsmiths alike. In fact the beats change mood with the flow and lyrical content, both undulate together, harmonise and reinforce the ideals portrayed.

To mention a few specifc tracks: “Don’t Follow The Image” is a groove laden banger with Amy’s soulful vocals and layered strings countering the harsh lyrical reality. Rising out of the waves we find ourselves at “Obtain Bearing”, a sample laden chop up, not to detract from the still present subject matter of life, death and damnation.

We live confused inside a world of war and opposites, greed moulds the mind, so few will see what real profit is.Apex Theory

At no point does it feel like Apex is forcing forkfuls of fear down your throat. The idea is to ask questions… and to make you ask questions about the things that surround us. Heavy, yes. Hard hitting, yes. Informed, skilful and dynamic, yes. It’s a philosophy self described as Neo-Hardcore. Not for the casual listener, but definitely one for those willing to open their mind and question their surroundings.

You can find more in-depth reviews here, here and here. This interview is also very interesting.

Saturday 7th December sees Apex Zero head up a launch party at Vibe Bar featuring Caxton Press and Iron Braydz, newest member of Triple Darkness. It’s billed to be big so get down and show some love. Come check them out live and then make up your mind. Find more details from Hoochinoo.

Grab the LP here. Seriously one to watch.