Ramson Badbonez & Twizzy have teamed up to create a 10-track album called “The Good The Bad & The Ugly”. This is a nice collaboration from two rappers who have a whole ream of tour dates planned together. We’ve long been avid listeners of Badbonez, and more recently have enjoyed Twizzy and his trio Three Headed Beast. Interestingly, the collaborations on this album come from groupmates Jinxsta JX and M.A.B. GV Clik’s J-Man also makes an appearance on Track 7.

Ramson Badbonez & Twizzy - The Good The Bad & The Ugly

The affair opens with an eery Western sample – picture a John Wayne swagger – a gunshot, then bam!

Roll up a joint, bun it down to the roach as you choke, now look around

Ramson comes in with a real head-nodding flow. The theme of Westerns continues with references to the Wild West:
The Smith & Wesson with a bigger lesson, this ain’t a friggin’ Western, it’s an itchy trigger-finger session

Twizzy grabs the second verse, and happily both MCs’ voices complement the other. Yes, the listener is ordered to roll up a zoot, but the theme of the Old West is maintained, offering a fresh take on Hip Hop themes. The clarity of voice of both emxees make the opening track a great start to this album.

Track 2 “Not Seeing” features some funky violins and can be classified in the “head-nodder” category. The bars are somewhat darker in this track and really pack a hefty punch:

Tense up your wrist and fist that dyke, misguided playing tally-hoe, fuck an X Factor cameo show, thrash these actors with a bag of bones

Track 3 features the first guest verse from Jinxsta JX. The track works well with all 3 MCs getting involved. Since Twizzy and Jinxsta JX regularly work together, the collaboration seems natural, and the track comes together nicely with nothing sounding like it’s out of place.

One of my favourite tracks is Track 7 “Well Well Well” featuring J-Man. A bit more heartfelt and honest than other tracks, this one’s not about the swagger and more reflective, as proved by the hook:

Can you relate to the matter at hand? Ever felt what it’s like to be pushed back down?

J-Man’s verse fits the track, and his insightful bars offer some variety but do not detract from Twizzy and Badbonez’ input.

So, to cut to the chase, do we rate this album? In short, yes. Great beats – with plenty of head-nodders – carefully planned collaborations, original themes, and good value for money. One criticism? We echo the thoughts of this review on Broken Culture: We want more Badbonez on chilled beats like this VERY good track. You can grab this for 5 British Pounds. Preview below, and use the link at the bottom to grab your copy.

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