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  • QELD – Oligarch Hit Squad

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    QELD - Kush Zombies
  • QELD (Feat. Lotte Bagpipe) – The Ramblers

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    QELD - Kush Zombies
  • Ceiling Demons – Amputated Spirit

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    Ceiling Demons - Amputated Spirit
    A gem from Yorkshire group Ceiling Demons, who release this track as part of a 2-track release to celebrate Friday 13th of June.
  • Sleaze & Sonnyjim – What Up Now

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    Sleaze & Sonnyjim - Work In Mnemonics
    Penned this one up back in '11 but it must have got lost somewhere. Just dug it up today when listening to this sick E.P. This track's a beast, and you should check out "The Long Road" (Track 3) too. Check out new material from Sleaze too.
  • The Four Owls – Burning Vapour

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    Four Owls - Nature's Greatest Mystery
    A brilliant track from The Four Owls. I like this track a lot because I felt I didn't properly absorb the bars till I read them written down in front of me with the track playing.
  • 184 – Superman (Feat. Jehst, Sonnyjim & King Kaiow)

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    184 - Superman (Feat. Jehst, Sonny Jim & King Kaiow) - Pete Cannon Remix
    184's dope beat gets eaten by Sonnjim, Jehst and King Kaiow in this track showcasing 3 of the UK's best emcees and a sick producer.
  • The IRS – Do The Numbers

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    The IRS - Speaks Volumes
    The IRS deliver you a nice analogy using maths to reflect on life. Excellent wordplay and imagery as usual from this crew.
  • Fliptrix – Smooth Crash Landing

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    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
    Psychedelic vibes on the visuals, infectious beat with a seductive bassline, and copious imagery in the lyrics. Smooth.
  • Chester P – Spoonerised Minds

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    Chester P - New Mic Order Part 1
    An astounding track this one from Chester P. Renowned for sheer lyricism, and mental imagery, "Spoonerised Minds" goes a step further. If you don't know, a spoonerism is where you accidentally switch the first letter or sound of two words. (Purportedly originating from the Reverend Spooner, who once welcomed a guest: "Madam, let me sew you to a sheet"). Chester maintains the concept throughout the track, spoonerising the shit out of your mind. The track is from "New Mic Order Part 1" which is a steal at 5 pounds (see the link below). Personally, I'd pretty much pay that for this track alone. Let us know what you think in the comments! A couple of favourite spoonerisms: "Their words’ll come and tease your ears, some’ll see your pain and wanna come and help you ease your tears." "I'm getting heated, best I go and take a shower, spoonerisms big enough to shake a tower."
  • Skreintax – T.E.T.M.D.

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    Skreintax - Scene Stealers
    My favourite album of 2008 - the combination of Skrein and Dr. Syntax was excellent. This is a heavy track, with an introspective feel, featuring a solid verse from Stig Of The Dump. We want Skreintax Vol. 2!
  • Fliptrix – The Essence

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    Fliptrix - Third Eye Of The Storm
    We've sat on these lyrics for a while, waiting for a good moment to put them up. Well, since High Focus dropped a video for this track today, we thought, what better time than now? So here you go. This one's produced by Fliptrix's own bro Kontigo. Peep more Kontigo beats here. Enjoy.
  • Ed Scissortongue – Theremin

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    The Rt. Hon. Rev. Dirty Dike produced this gem of a track, allowing Mr. Edward Scissortongue to drop some heavy perspective bars. There's some great wordplay in play here.
  • Mowgli – Analyse

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    Mowgli - 93
    Mind = blown.
  • Jam Baxter – Brains

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    Jam Baxter - The Gruesome Features
    Title track off of Jam Baxter's latest offering, the latter he describes as "weird", stating "this little shit slyly built itself over the last year while I wasn't looking. My plan was to plug a gap between albums by making a few tunes with a few talented individuals without having to worry about an end product. I then realised I should probably put everything out, in some kind of end product. So basically, this isn't an album. Stuck pig. It's just a compilation."
  • Split Prophets – Ain’t Amused

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    Split Prophets - Scribbled Thoughts
    A classic tip from Split Prophet's "Scribbled Thoughts". This is probably one of the first songs most fans would have heard from our Bristol favourites and is accompanied by the video below. Also don't miss Scribbled Thoughts: The Remixes E.P. which dropped recently!
  • The Four Owls (Feat. Jam Baxter) – Life In The Balance

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    Four Owls - Nature's Greatest Mystery
    If you missed High Focus's ultimate prodigy The Four Owls (Leaf Dog, BVA MC, Verb T and Fliptrix), you're mental! Their first release, Nature's Greatest Mystery, is simply an epic lesson in what hip hop should be. Every track is beautifully produced (by none other than Leaf Dog himself) and each MC brings their own flavour in a combination that's more well conjoined than Siamese twins. The below track, Life in the Balance, features Jam Baxter and delves into some very deep concepts. Read the lyrics, take in the messages, then sit back and watch the film clip in HD goodness.
  • BVA (Feat. Verb T) – Gifted

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    BVA - Be Very Aware
    Earlier this week we linked you to the Official Video for this great track taken from BVA's Be Very Aware. Cop the album for the extended intro from Dick Trusay, which must be the jokesest intro of the year so far.
  • QELD – So True

    Auto Lyrics available
    QELD - Kush Zombies
    Bob Savage and Jenre aka QELD bring us another banger from their album Kush Zombies. A funky drumline (and intro sample from Kat Williams) sets the stage for Bob and Jenre give us their take on a particular part of their life. Enjoy.
  • Ramson Badbonez – November (Desperation)

    Auto Lyrics available
    Ramson Badbonez - A Year In The Life Of Oscar The Slouch
    The first video single to be released from Ramson Badbonez' "A Year In The Life Of Oscar The Slouch". A gritty inner-city tale depicting life in the cold, dark month of November.

    Auto Lyrics available
    QELD - Kush Zombies
    Another conscious track from Bristol boys QELD. This one is a scathing yet insightful take on the role of the Police and the establishment.
  • Brothers Of The Stone – Wisdom

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    Brothers Of The Stone - Brothers Of The Stone
    One of our favourite tracks from the Brothers Of The Stone album. "Wisdom" packs great imagery, social commentary and top lyricism over a killer beat from Illinformed.
  • The Mouse Outfit (Feat. Dr Syntax) – Every Single Time

    Auto Lyrics available
    The Mouse Outfit - Escape Music
    Manchester-based group The Mouse Outfit with Dr Syntax on this catchy track "Every Single Time". No. 1 from the album "Escape Music", Synners weaves his magic throughout. If you missed our review of the album, here it is.
  • The Last Skeptik (Feat. Jehst) – Lullaby

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    The Last Skeptik - Thanks For Trying
    The only track with lyrics from The Last Skeptik's new album "Thanks For Trying". If you dig your hip hop instrumentals, go cop this one from the link below.
  • Genesis Elijah – Reign Of Fire

    Auto Lyrics available
    Genesis Elijah - I Ain't Even Charging Bruv
    Track 7 taken from Genesis Elijah's I Ain't Even Charging Bruv E.P. The beat is from Adele's Set Fire To The Rain. Genesis Elijah goes in hard as he always does, and is on point lyrically and visually. One of the best MCs around.
  • Yungun (Feat. Devise) – What Eye See (Part 2)

    Yungun - The Essance
  • Dr. Syntax – Time

    Dr Syntax - Self-Taught
    Favourite conceptual track.
  • Fliptrix – Just Run (Prod. by Jon Phonics)

    Fliptrix - Theory Of Rhyme
    Classic rhymes from Mr. Fliptrix. Produced by Jon Phonics
  • Brotherman – Heart Of Dem

    Brotherman - The Dark & The Light
    Brotherman spitting wisely on a sick Chemo beat.
  • Rewd Adams (aka Skandal) – I Know

    Rewd Adams - Rewd Awakening
    Solid track from Rewd Adams aka Skandal.
  • Shameless – Addicted

    Shameless - Smokers Die Younger
    Sick melodic track from Shameless.
  • The IRS – Show Me The Money

    The IRS - Speaks Volumes
    Classic IRS letting you know the truth about the current job market.
  • Genesis Elijah – Psalms

    Genesis Elijah - Painkillers & Pilkington
    First, a quick word. Genesis Elijah is the kind of rapper who's believable. That doesn't matter. What matters is his emotion, lyricism and rawness. Other things matter too, but this is not a list of things that matter. The track "Psalms" is from his free E.P. "Painkillers & Pilkington which is (at least partly) inspired by his sudden interest from Ricky Gervais (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricky_Gervais). The track uses a beat and vocal sample from singer Lana del Rey, from the track "Video Games" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cE6wxDqdOV0&hd=1). The beat is simply awesome, it never takes away from Gen's voice, and is introduced very gradually, slowly being built upon, rising to entice, then fading to allow Gen to spread his message to the world. It's rhythmic and solemn yet inspiring at the same time. There's no faulting Gen's lyrical pattern, and indeed the vast majority of his lines are carefully crafted, giving more chance of the listener being able to relate. Many themes are explored here, but I'll leave them for you to enjoy. Big tune here, feel the raw emotion.
  • Krate Krusaders & Dr. Syntax – On The Rise

    Krate Krusaders - When The Needle Drops Vol. 2
    Classic Sinners on a catchy Krate Krusaders beat.
  • Roots Manuva – Dreamy Days

    The legendary Roots Manuva on a chilled (yet eery) vibe with this one. Catchy hook, deep lyrics on that love tip. Enjoy.
  • Braintax – Escúchame

    Braintax - Biro Funk
    Gotta love that Spanish sample, gives the track a nice feeling, positive vibe.
  • Jehst – The Trilogy (Remix) (Feat. Chester P & Kyza)

    Jehst - Return Of The Drifter
    3 of the biggest and best killing it as per.
  • Roots Manuva – Witness 1 Hope

    As well as some decent lyricism, the video to this track is hella funny. Watch Roots return to his grassroots primary school a couple f decades on. Humour prevails, (see him correct the teacher's spelling of "manoeuvre" on the blackboard). Remember too to strap in your biggest bass bin as the bassline in this tune is nosebleed-central! Enjoy!
  • Klashnekoff – It’s Murda

    Klashnekoff - The Sagas Of
    Klashnekoff (K-Lash-Neck-Off) released this track on his first album "The Sagas Of..." way back in 2004. This track is famous amongst the UK rap scene. Klashnekoff goes in HARD on this one, so you'll notice I've provided some links to any concepts that might be difficult for readers/listeners to understand.
  • The Four Owls – Original

    Four Owls - Nature's Greatest Mystery
    Keeping it fresh with the Four Owls. Be original, think for yourself, do your own shit.
  • Split Prophets (Hi Res & Upfront MC) – 2 Kids

    Split Prophets - Scribbled Thoughts
    Split Prophets are a Bristol-based rap crew. They feature: Upfront MC, Hi Res (BK), Bill Next, PT, Pickles, Tyun, BTB (BuryTheBodies) & Prime MC. Interestingly, they never pressed a record until early 2011, so for what is a relatively new outfit in the recording studio, the quality of their rhymes is impressive to say the least. So much so, that the E.P. this track was taken from (Scribbled Thoughts E.P.) was produced by the legendary Krate Krusaders. Check out more material from Split Prophets via their BandCamp page here.
  • Lowkey – Who Said I Can’t Do Grime?

    A big name in the UK Rap scene, Lowkey is also a big political activist. In my book this guy has some of the most complex wordplay in UK Rap. In his earlier rap career, he joined the legendary Poisonous Poets including the equally legendary Doc Brown. If for some mental-crazy reason you've slept on Lowkey, be sure to check out his material. Let his lyrics speak to you, and who knows? You might even learn a little something something. Eyes open people.The track you see here is hardly politically motivated. But it demonstrates Lowkey's ability as a musician. He uses his ample talents to prove he can/could make the genre crossover from Hip Hop/Rap to Grime. "Grime" is renowned for its distinctive sound. Grime lyrics have a reputation for being aggressive, and somewhat repetitive allowing a message to be put across more effectively. See what you think. If you've any queries about the acronyms featured here, use the comments section below, and we'll get back to you. Enjoy.
  • Fliptrix – Monday To Sunday

    Fliptrix - Theory Of Rhyme
    Founder of "High Focus Records", Fliptrix has impressed with every record he releases. Known for his positive vibe and intelligent wordplay, Fliptrix is a strong lyricist. On this track from his second album "Theory Of Rhyme", Fliptrix delivers a round-up of his typical weed/k, as producer Runone provides a catchy beat. This one is ear-catching and reminiscent of how hard Fliptrix tends to go in on his tracks. Syllables galore.
  • Skinnyman – I’ll Be Surprised

    Skinnyman - Council Estate Of Mind
    Turning back the clock to 2004 now. Here's Skinnyman with "I'll Be Surprised". A classic track off one of my favourite albums: Council Estate Of Mind The whole album is dope as hell, and Skinnyman's raw style speaks to me. There's a running use of samples throughout the album, all taken from the British film (no?!) called Made In Britain; well worth checking out. Lean back and enjoy.
  • Stig Of The Dump – Bar So Hard

    Stig Of The Dump - Bar So Hard (Single)
    Team Hate big man Stig Of The Dump giving away this track for FREE to wish you all a Happy Easter. Rapping over the top of Jay Z & Kanye West's "Niggas In Paris", Stig lacks no energy or emotion. No video this time, this is a Bandcamp one. Enjoy the lyrics, download and grab some BIIIIG tunes from Stig while you're visiting his site. Don't sleep on this guy.
  • Sonnyjim – Soul Trader

    An older track from one of my favourite rappers, Sonnyjim. Off his E.P. "Soul Trader" this title track reveals Sonnyjim's personal take on his method of approaching his music: writing, rapping, recording. Some great wordplay - every syllable works - and to quote him: "Me and the music marinate, my voice marries the break" True dat.... Enjoy.
  • Foreign Beggars (Feat. Lena) – Frosted Perspeks

    Foreign Beggars - Asylum Speakers
    Classic track from FB, with an upbeat vibe. Fight the powers!
  • Dr. Syntax (Feat. Kyza) – I Need A Break

    Dr Syntax (Feat. Kyza) - I Need A Break
    Rap scholar Doc Sinners dropped a new track today (17/04/2012) featuring the legendary Kyza.I had the opportunity to see these two live with Foreign Beggars a while back in Barcelona, and man, can these guys do a sick live show. If you get the opportunity to see any of these lot tearing up a live stage, take it! Both rappers on an anti-crisis flex, voicing their opinions on bankers and the current economical state. Don't sleep on Dr. Syntax, or this latest FREE offering, where you'll get the track, instrumental and acapella for the good old price of 0! It'd be rude to end this intro. without a mention to Pete Cannon, who produced this track and has worked a lot with Sinners over the years. Keep up to date with him here and his music here. Enjoy, and PEACE!
  • Fliptrix – War To Your Door

    Fliptrix - Third Eye Of The Storm
    The latest E.P. preceding Fliptrix's new album "Third Eye Of The Storm (pre-order: http://www.high-focus.com) dropped yesterday. The 3-track E.P. is titled "War To Your Door" and the lyrics are below! How's that for fresh off the press? The video is pretty slick too. It features a nice edit of Matthieu Kassovitz's film "La Haine" which if you haven't seen, you've been hibernating. The film shows an amazing portrayal of the riots in Paris during the '90s. Read up on it (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113247/) and be sure to cop it for a lazy Sunday viewing. As per the last E.P., this one's only available to buy through iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/war-to-your-door-ep/id520015516). You'll find all the above links under the YouTube video below as well. Enjoy and peace!
  • Jack Flash – Do You Ever?

    Jack Flash - The Calm Before The Storm Mixtape
    The track (whose lyrics are below) comes from his "The Calm Before The Storm Mixtape", - a gem which I found a few years back - the first solo work I ever found from Jack Flash. He employs a versatile style across the mixtape, but I think this track stands out for its story; a life story that teases us with two possible endings; a gory, gruesome one, and a nice "family-friendly" ending. Jack tells us the tale in a hard-hitting way, and most people can relate to at least some elements of the story. Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments. Enjoy!
  • Fliptrix – Force Fed Imagery

    Fliptrix - Force Fed Imagery
    As the country where I reside has a less than satisfactory postal service, I've not yet received my long-awaited copy of Fliptrix's new album "The Third Eye Of The Storm". So, while waiting, I decided to pen his title track from his first album "Force Fed Imagery". At 3 verses, this track does
    disappoint. Immaculate rhyme scheme, infallible syllabic patterns. Just listen and heed the message. Don't sleep.
  • Stylah – Hard Way

    Stylah - The Warning
    I first clocked Stylah back when he ran with the Poisonous Poets - a legendary UK clique featuring names you'll probably have heard of. If you've never heard of Poisonous Poets pop over to YouTube and school yourself. I never really listened to much of his material until one day he came to launch his (then) new mixtape "The Warning Mixtape" at a night at the o2 Academy Oxford. I went along with a group of friends expecting epicness. That's what we got. Well, what else do you expect from a lineup featuring Wordsmith, Stylah and Farma G & Louis Slipperz?! Anyway, the major let down was that there were about 11 other people there. Oxford slept that night. So, in typical rowdy fashion we got lashed up and moved to Wordsmith who opened. It got even livelier for Farma G of course. By the time Stylah was up, it was make or break time. I was getting pretty pissed off at the lack of support, so we all got behind Stylah as he came out bigging up the crowd (a generous term, but hey, let's roll with it). The guy opened with a "jokes tune" (his words) off the same mixtape called "James Bond". It's a jokes tune and he spat in a way that the whole crowd (yes, that word again) joined having only heard the chorus once. Anyway, pissed as farts, an hour and a half later we stumbled home yelling: "What do you doin' in the club with your shades on? What do you doin' in the club with your shades on? Shut up bitch. I'm James Bond" Next morning I woke up dribbling on the plastic cover of the mixtape I'd bought off Stylah the night before (whilst whimpering apologies in his ear for the lack of turnout - something I'd clearly blamed myself for!), and slapped it on. Bam! Morning was here, and with the sub wobbling, I listened to Stylah tearing down Grime beats. I've never been into Grime (nor am I now) but there's something about the way the guy goes in on his tracks: never lacks passion, rawness or flow that had me hooked. My flatmate arrived with his herbal friend and the day was a hazy one laced with "The Warning Mixtape" (featuring the dubiously believable Dave Courtney, self-proclaimed Gangster) and DJ Louis Sllipperz' 10-pound Bag Volume 3 - but more on that later... This track, "Hard Way" has a pretty self-explanatory title. Naturally, Styalh explores the hardship of life around him, careful to avoid talking about himself, though you get the impression he has either seen what he raps about, or has seen it in someone close to him. He describes poverty in terms people can understand, and the reality of people living on the "breadline". The Lady Luck bars get me every time. I get chills up my spine! Check out the lyrics below. Peace.
  • Rewd Adams – Everything’s OK

    Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik - How Not To Make A Living
    Rewd Adams returned to UK Hip Hop in early 2011, dropping a free D/L Album called "Rewd Awakening". Grab it here: http://rewdadams.bandcamp.com/. The track featured here was produced by The Last Skeptik and is taken from his and Rewd Adams collaborative album How Not To Make A Living. I really like this track. It has a nice, upbeat rhythm and a positive message. It's a straight-up love story in fact, but Rewd Adams keeps it real and doesn't make it too soppy. The video is frankly brilliant! Excellent animation, and a real eye-catcher. Enjoy!
  • Split Prophets – Stick Up

    Split Prophets (Res & Upfront) - Stick Up
    Here are the lyrics for the latest single from Split Prophets called Stick Up. The woven tale of a bank robbery that starts out SO great, as bank robberies usually do. Will Hi Res and Upfront make it out with the loot? Read on. Help us out by leaving us comments on what lyrics YOU want to see., and we'll see if we can make it happen.
  • Stig Of The Dump – I Got Game

    Stig Of The Dump - Mood Swings
    Snatched from Stig's "Mood Swings", his 2010 album. All props to Stig himself as we got these lyrics from Bandcamp, where you should also go to grab his album: Mood Swings.
  • Stig Of The Dump – Hater

  • Stig Of The Dump (Feat. Dr. Syntax & King Kaiow) – Give It Up

    Stig Of The Dump - Mood Swings
  • Dr Syntax – Subcultures (Part 1)

    Dr Syntax - Self-Taught
    Sinners tells the story of an ordinary guy trying different cultures on for size. Simple stories bound by clever wordplay results in an instant classic. Don't sleep.
  • Frankie Stew – Zhoung Guo

    One third of Brighton-based hip hop trio Frankie Stew recently released his debut video for track Zhoung Guo. In typical Frankie style, it's deep, quick bars over a relaxed Harvey Gunn beat. The video also has some tasty visuals, being shot and edited by Liam White in Chinatown, London. It seems that Frankie and Harvey have found a formula that works well, as further evidenced by their recently released Gentlemen's Club EP. The simple, minimalistic beats fit perfectly under Frankie's ultra-smooth bars, and the result is something always very chill.
  • Dr. Syntax – Subcultures (Part 2)

    Dr Syntax - Still At Large
    The epic Dr. Syntax's Part 2 of his jokes track "Subcultures (Part 1)". 4 years on, how have subcultures changed? Will Synners fit in? Will he still frolick on the fringes of society, repulsed by the mainstream yet haunted by the daunting traits of Britain's subculture society? Whatever, read on... Peace. Grab "Subcultures (Part 2)" here:http://drsyntax.bandcamp.com/track/subcultures-part-2
  • Upfront MC (Feat. DGreen) – So Far

    Upfront MC - Sound Of Evolution E.P
    pfront MC of Split Prophets fame recently released his second EP, Sound of Evolution. Upfront again reminds us just how well Split Prophets are doing at the moment, with 8 tracks that tackle their dominance of the scene to dealing with the loss of a loved one. Some epic guest bars on almost all the tracks from other Split Prophets members add that little bit extra and make it worth way more than ₤3.50.
  • Dr. Syntax – My Night

    Dr Syntax - Self-Taught
    Continuing the run of tracks from Dr. Syntax's Self Taught, here he is with "My Night" a jokes track lamenting the world of badly-run/poorly-managed nights around the country. If you've run/performed at a night like this, you can relate for sure! Enjoy!
  • Fliptrix – The Storm

    Fliptrix - Third Eye Of The Storm
    As 2012 is seeming increasingly like the year of Mr. Flipper, here we go with another track from High Focus and Fliptrix. The video dropped just today, and it's a banger, featuring scenes from the film "The Day After Tomorrow". An all-round win, but then, that was destined when you think: Fliptrix on the mic, plus Chemo on the beat. Enjoy!
  • Concept Of Thought (Feat. Ed Scissortongue) – Wake Up

    Concept Of Thought - Painting On Silence
    Well, it's finally here. Brighton-based trio Concept of Thought (Illiterate, Awfer and Frankie Stew) have dropped their debut album Painting on Silence, and what a release it is. It's hard to describe in words exactly how this album fits in with the current UK Hip Hop scene. Here we have three late-teens (average age of 18) who have quietly released a couple of tracks on Youtube, and now they've put together 10 tracks for a pay-what-you-want release of what seems like just a couple of mates having fun with some lyrics. What we have stumbled upon here is some serious talent. The album features current heavy-hitters Dirty Dike and Ed Scissortongue (both of High Focus fame), but COT stand shoulder to shoulder without breaking a sweat. The mellow, chilled approach to hip hop is such a breath of fresh air where it is so desperately needed amongst all this 'I'm better than everyone else and this is why you are shit' drone that can get a little repetitive at times. All tracks are produced to a standard you would expect with some big names including Kerem Fraiche, Fredo and even Dike himself (on The Incredible Sulk) and fit like a glove over each and every bar. I really cannot stress this enough: don't sleep.
  • Mole & Iris (Feat. Dr. Syntax) – Great Expectations Part 2

    Mole & Iris - Clouds E.P.
    Tracking back to 2009 with this one from Mole & Iris' Clouds E.P. Featuring Dr. Syntax the track talks about our early rose-tinted views on life and the future and the harrowing realisation that perhaps life's not like that. A nice track with some good views. On a more sobering note, young Jake aka Iris passed away last year in tragic circumstances. His work lives on, and if you can enjoy it, it keeps his memory alive. Peace.
  • Skuff & Inja – Sunnicide

    Skuff & Inja - The Skuff & Inja Show
    An underrated gem from Skuff & Inja's "The Skuff & Inja Show" (2009), Sunnicide epitomises the talent of both these writers. Skuff tackles some personal issues with his trademark flow, while you can almost feel Inja's emotion seeping through on some really nice bars. The chorus sample from "Emiliana Torrini - Sunny Road" over a contemplative beat (produced by Skuff himself) round off this track and will keep your replay button busy for a while. Don't sleep.
  • Datkid – Home By 8

    Datkid - Home By 8
    The title track from Datkid's latest album Home By 8 is really just typical Datkid and needs no further introduction.
  • Verb T – Life In A Day

    Verb T - More Dynamite E.P
    Our first track from Verb T's new E.P. which dropped yesterday: More Dynamite E.P. (http://verbt.bandcamp.com/album/more-dynamite-ep-produced-by-jj-malone). A nice track. Relax and get your chilled vibe on. All credit for the lyrics goes to our reader Operating Incognito, who submitted these lines. Props to him!
  • LDZ – Some Of Them

    LDZ - Living Long Ting
  • Verb T (Feat. Sonnyjim & Joker Starr) – More Dynamite

    Verb T - More Dynamite E.P
    Daaaamn son! E.P. dropped two days ago and this is the second track we've covered. This time it's the title track (and rightly so) it's off the hook. Sonnyjim killing it straight up as per ("I'm deep sea diving, son I'm schooling snappers"). Verb T's catchy-as-hell chorus and some sick verse bars ("Throw flames upon ‘em, I’m propane; I’m bombing ‘em, Cold case, I’m gone again, No name; anonymous."), ending with Joker Starr's usual, unique style (Raw explosions to leave you burned son, Play with dynamite; a lesson learned son, 9 months later, be holding her son.) If you missed "Life In A Day" from yesterday, check it here: http://www.beta.hiphopinenglish.com/2012/05/15/verb-t-life-in-a-day/ Obviously there's no way you'd have forgotten to buy the E.P. at a more than reasonable 3 British Pounds, but just in case: http://verbt.bandcamp.com/album/more-dynamite-ep-produced-by-jj-malone Enjoy the track and as always: Peace! Download/Buy Link: Here
  • Dirty Dike – Mayonnaise

    DJ Sammy B-Side - Wordplay Sessions Vol. 1
    Another exclusive from the Wordplay Sessions Vol 1 Mixtape. This time we're seeing a very different Dirty Dike taking a step back from his normal energetic style to try something a little more sombre. It honestly took me a bit to realise that this was Dike when I first heard the track...it's different, but it's very, very good.
  • Rhyme Asylum – Who Goes There?

    Rhyme Asylum - Solitary Confinement
    London based rappers Possessed, Psiklone and Skirmish are the geniuses behind Rhyme Asylum, a hip hop group in a league of their own when it comes to vivid, hard-hitting, multi-level imagery. One does not simply listen to a Rhyme Asylum track once and catch all the mixed metaphors, clever wordplay and double meanings - this is real lyricism, and it takes time to fully appreciate, just as it surely took a great deal of time to craft. Undoubtedly some of the most talented lyricists in the rap game, and with delivery to match, Rhyme Asylum are not to be dismissed lightly. "Who Goes There" is taken from Rhyme Asylum's 2nd album entitled Solitary Confinement (2010). It is preceeded by State of Lunacy (2008). Both albums are hip hop gold, and you'd be a fool not to check them out if you aren't already familiar with them. Listen to the rest of their music here
  • Skreintax – Scene Stealers

    Skreintax - Scene Stealers
    The title track of easily my favourite album of 2008. Dr. Syntax and Skrein (both from the extended Foreign Baggars Fam) teamed up to make a collaborative album. Not a weak track on there, and some heavy featuring artists too. Cop the album from Amazon now. DO IT! (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Scene-Stealers-Skreintax/dp/B001H51074). Skrein's raw, rude style mixed with Synners impeccable syllable-work gives the entire album an epic feeling. Both rappers complement each other without outdoing each other. This track was produced by DJ IQ. Synners/Skrein, if you're reading this, we're all waiting for the follow-up album! Enjoy, and as always, PEACE!
  • Running Punch – A Sweet Minute

    Running Punch - Publish Or Perish
    I only recently came across Running Punch (Captain Bukioe and Sherlock Bones) after looking around for more from the Rum Committee crew (more on that coming soon!), but what a find. So far there's only been one album released by the duo, but it is an instant classic in my opinion. Bukioe has some impeccable rhyme structures and very down-to-earth bars that make it seem effortless on his behalf. There's a dash of humour in some tracks too which is always nice to see, and the artwork (by Bukioe himself) rounds off a very tidy album. Don't sleep.
  • Caxton Press – Running

    Caxton Press - Shame The Devil
    Caxton Press' debut album has really impressed me. Called "Shame The Devil", 4 MCs and one DJ really bring the heat over 17 tracks. Manage, Amy True, eMCee Killa, Kingpin & DJ Snuff are the ones responsible for all this, and we're grateful to them! The whole album impresses, and we particularly like this track; the first one on the album. Tight production, and good flows make this one a banger. Cop the album here: http://caxtonpresshiphop.com/ - and have a good look at their well-maintained website. Then, kick back and take this in... Peace.
  • Fliptrix – Mind Travelling

    Fliptrix - Third Eye Of The Storm
    Needing little to no introduction, here's another track from FLiptrix's 3rd album "Third Eye Of The Storm". Cop it at: http://shop.high-focus.com/products. If you missed the other tracks from album we already did, then see here and here.
  • Micall Parknsun – All 4 Hip Hop

    Micall Parknsun - All 4 Hip Hop
    Back in 2009, working class Dad Micall Parknsun released this single. "All 4 Hip Hop" is a SICK upbeat tune, suitable for bumping at loud volumes with a decent helping of bass. The track is produced by Australian producer M-Phazes who has a knack for making heavy, HEAVY beats. Check it out. Peace.
  • Skittles – Dot 2 Dot

    Skittles - Poor With 100 Trainers
    Running the Manchester side of things we have Skittles. His debut album Poor With £100 Trainers was released back in March to much anticipation of fans, but it was well worth the wait. Skittles' style is casual but very creative, with some fantastic wordplay that really sets his tracks apart from the competition. Below are the lyrics to Dot 2 Dot from the album (don't miss the video too!). Any help would be appreciated with these ones as there's a fair bit of slang used of which I am not that familiar. Let us know if you find mistakes! Don't sleep.
  • Prose (Steady & Efeks) (Feat. Oliver Sudden) – Welcome To The Abbattoir

    Prose - The Dark Side Of The Boom
    Never heard of Prose? Hibernation. Time to wake up-. Specialists in that boom bap rap, Steady & Efeks have long been tearing up stages as well as my speakers. This is Track 20 (that's right... 20!) of their latest offering "The Dark Side Of The Boom" - a 21-track LP that packs punches at every turn. This track has particularly tight lyrics and I DARE you not to nod your head to the beat. Chorus is heavy and catchy. Enjoy!
  • Contact Play – Little Pissed Off

    Contact Play - Champion Fraff (Gold Edition)
    One of the two Contact Play oldies from times long past that I will be posting tonight. This one features Dike doing what he does best. Don't know how you can not love this!
  • Dirty Dike – Hi I’m James

    Dirty Dike - Constant Dikestar
    Dirty Dike introducing himself as the all round nice guy party type that he is! A banging tune - no holds barred honesty. Taken from his 2011 album "Constant Dikestar". Cop it here: http://shop.high-focus.com/product/dirty-dike-constant-dikestar
  • Datkid (Feat. DGreen) – Fuck Regrets

    Datkid - Home By 8
  • Baron Samedi – Where The Wild Things Are

    Baron Samedi - Ghost Network Vol. 2
    Long-standing rapper Baron Samedi released his latest offering a couple of weeks back, and we've been slow on the uptake! "Ghost Network Vol. 2" features Baron dropping bars as heavy as ever, on some rather heavy beats too. If you've never heard of Baron Samedi, get to know. Find his press release for "Ghost Network Vol. 2" here! Finally, hiphopinenglish.com would like to thank Baron Samedi personally as the man himself submitted his lyrics to us. We appreciate the time he took to do this. Thank him yourself by supporting his music!
  • Phi Life Cypher – ABC

    Phi Life Cypher - Millenium Metaphors
    An utter classic for you now from the legendary Phi Life Cypher. "ABC" whips you through the realms of the Alphabet, conjuring up insane imagery throughout the track. Si Phili and MC Life (along with DJ Nappa) have been tearing it up for years now. Classic sounds. Enjoy!
  • Baron Samedi – F63+1

    Baron Samedi - Ghost Network Vol. 2
    Baron going in hard on this one. Today's second featured track from Baron Samedi's "Ghost Network Vol. 2". How's that for fine service? Baron laments the state of the scene in this track and delicately explains what he does to unsuspecting beats. I don't need to explain any more. Enjoy!
  • Fliptrix – See The Sun

    Fliptrix - Third Eye Of The Storm
    Can't stop bumping this whole album. You need to get on that. Here's our fourth installment of tracks from "Third Eye Of The Storm" and it's another banger. Track 6 off the album. To put it crudely, we fucking love it. The hazy female sample, the way "No friends and no foes, no shotta dem, no tens and no O's" rolls off the back of the guitar strings. Damn. In my book easily the best bar of the track is this: "The past is forgotten, While the future's untold, I’m stuck in the middle, Trying to hold on to both." Whatever you like, this one's a banger too. Whole album does NOT disappoint. Recommended. Get it here (vinyl too!) There will be a Fliptrix Feature tomorrow, so come and check it! UPDATE: Here's that feature we promised! Here we go. Lyrics. Peace.
  • Sonnyjim – Honey Brown

    Sonnyjim - Guest Verses & Granola Breakfasts Vol. 1
    A cheeky little gem from Sonnyjim here. A promo video to announce Eat Good & Rum Committee's collaboration mix called "Guest Verses & Granola Breakfasts Vol. 1". This mix mostly features unreleased tracks from over the years and there a re a few bangers thrown in. Not to be missed for a nice price of FREE. http://sonnyjim.bandcamp.com/album/guest-verses-granola-breakfasts-vol-1. Here's a little taste for you. The first line slays me. How dare he?! Peace.
  • Fliptrix – Drifting

    Fliptrix - Third Eye Of The Storm
    Mr. Flipper now needs no introduction here on hiphopinenglish.com. He has earned a place as most featured rapper, and it's a justified position we feel. Track 13 of "Third Eye Of The Storm", and a sweet video too. Check it out.
  • Kill The Noise – Kill The Noise

    Kill The Noise - Kill The Noise
    As promised earlier, here are the lyrics to the title track off the new release from the Boom Bap Professionals studio: Kill The Noise. It's a banger (but then, there's never any weakness from Steady, Efeks and Crusada). These boys straight killing it in our opinion. Check out the Press Release we featured earlier and get on that! Enjoy and... peace!
  • Skittles – Time For A Spliff

    Skittles - Poor With 100 Trainers
    Another banger from Skittles' Poor With £100 Trainers.
  • Leaf Dog – Hope

    Leafdog - From A Scarecrow's Perspective
    This one comes from Leaf Dog's debut album From A Scarecrow's Perspective. Very solid album that should not be missed. One of the deeper songs from the album that really highlights Leaf's ability to work syllables to their limits. Love the content, depth and imagery in this one.
  • Dirty Dike – Typical Daze

    Dirty Dike - Bogies & Alcohol
    Yes, another set of lyrics from yet another High Focus artist. What can I say? They're killing it. Although to be fair, this was before the High Focus era. School Bully Records released Bogies & Alcohol back in 2008, with the track below being the first song most would have heard of our gruesome Dike. A classic boom-bap beat with lyrics that we've come to know and love, Typical Daze really is typical Dike.
  • Genesis Elijah – Battle Cry UK

    Genesis Elijah - I Ain't Even Charging Bruv
    Damn son! This was a difficult one. Extinguishers at the ready please, these are 100 bars of pure fire from big Genesis Elijah. Guy kills it over the whole span of the track, with spot on wordplay and sick imagery. Best of all? The whole thing is offered free with the aptly-named "I Ain't Even Chargin' Bruv" E.P. Check it all out, and give us a hand on those few missing lyrics. Peace!
  • Baron Samedi – Flashbang

    Baron Samedi - Ghost Network Vol. 2
    Another banger from our man Baron Samedi now. Literally. "Flashbang" is a tale of Hip Hop warfare. You know when you turn the corner and BANG, everything goes white..? Here we go. Peace.
  • Prose (Steady & Efeks) (Feat. Crusada) – Meet Ya Maker

    Prose - The Dark Side Of The Boom
    Another banging track now from Steady and Efeks alongside Crusada. "Meet Ya Maker" sees some catchy guitar strings, a sick chorus and standardly quality flow. Don't miss out. Peace.
  • Jehst – Turn It Up To The Red

    Secondson - Secondson & His Orchestra
    I've always got time for Jehst. His immaculate flows, structure and content always set the bar so high, no matter how old or new the song is. This one is from Secondson's Secondson & His Orchestra which is nestled about halfway through a very solid album. Worth a listen.
  • Lowkey – Terrorist?

    Lowkey - Soundtrack To The Struggle
    Lowkey is a political activist, student, public speaker and an outstanding rapper. Recently however he announced his retirement from the music industry in order to focus on his studies. Prior to this announcement, Lowkey collaborated with Immortal Technique on the album "Soundtrack to the Struggle". Check out his work on his MySpace page He has an immense back catalogue of music worth taking the time to listen to, charting his progression from a young, aspiring rapper to a mature, politically motivated, bonafied hip hop artist. His track "Terrorist?" acts you to take a step back from the bias and propaganda which is all so often impossible to avoid in the modern world, and to consider today's wars, imperialist struggles and terrorist attacks from a subjective standpoint. And all while killing it with the syllables!
  • Foreign Beggars (Feat. DVS & Skinnyman) – Hold On

    Foreign Beggars - Asylum Speakers
    Whoa! This track is mental! The hardest one we've done to date. It's probably full of errors, so please help us out. Anyway, this track is a BANGER! Classic Orifice skat-rapping followed by Skinnyman's gritty tones. Classic banger. Tell your friends!
  • Foreign Beggars (Feat. Skrein) – Mind Out

    Foreign Beggars - Asylum Speakers
    A sick, laidback track now. From the legendary Skrein, relax to "Mind Out". Skrein flow's so chilled over this nice beat. Originally release on FB's "Asylum Speakers" (as Skrein wasn't established to release at the time), then re-released a year later on his own EP (vinyl). A banger. Enjoy!
  • Skuff & Inja – Sound Check

    Skuff & Inja - New Year Special
    Skuff and Inja are two rappers hailing from Cambridge who have collaborated frequently, notably on titles such as The Skuff and Inja Show. With their contrasting yet complimentary styles, rapid rap attacks and a killer beat with violins to boot, this track should be part of anyone's UK Hip Hop collection. Crank up the speakers and enjoy.
  • The IRS – Just Got Home

    The IRS - Speaks Volumes
    You know that feeling when you get home and you just wanna stay there but you people are hassling you? Or you just wanna chill in bed, but work calls? This is the track for you. Typically top-notch lyricism from The IRS on top of a heavy beat by the mighty Wizard. Peace!
  • Fliptrix – Sandman Promo Dub

    Fliptrix - Theory Of Rhyme
    Sick little nugget from the nefarious Fliptrix. Release as a promotion for his second album, this dark little dubby beat gets me every time. Deep lyrics to par. Enjoy.
  • Prose (Steady & Efeks) – Life Times

    Prose - Force Of Habit
    A slightly older tune from the epic Prose. Tight as fuck wordplay. Check "You’re so bitch you should be wearing a pinafore, useless - we stay deeply rooted as a sycamore". Enjoy!
  • Illustrate (a.k.a Ollie Bates) – The Big Mistake

    Illustrate - Bedroom Production
    A jokes track from Illustrate here. "The Big Mistake" is a cautionary tale of over-consumption and reckless leave of senses! It also bangs hard. The whole mixtape was also hosted by the hilarious Genesis Elijah who has some quality moments! You can grab the whole mixtape from the link below and check out Headcount Records at: http://headcountrecords.bandcamp.com/ . Peace!
  • Skinnyman – Fuck The Hook

    Skinnyman - Council Estate Of Mind
    Taking it back with a classic for you. Enjoy classic beats with Skinnyman.
  • Dirty Dike (Feat. Ed Scissortongue) – Am I

    Dirty Dike - Bogies & Alcohol
    Another banger from Dike's first album. Dike's got some classic bars on this one, and as usual Ed Scissor comes through with his safe as fuck flow and some mind-twisting imagery.
  • Skinnyman – Who? Me?

    Skinnyman - Council Estate Of Mind
    What can we say? On a Skinnyman flex! Classic riddims!
  • Skuff – Purple

    Skuff - Deep Covers Project
    Quick one from Skuff covering Nas' Purple.
  • Baron Samedi – I Need A Cigarette

    Baron Samedi - Animal Rites The Mixtape
    Baron Samedi speaking for all the smokers out there. This gem taken from his 2005 mixtape "Animal Rites" This mixtape is not available from Baron himself, but check out his Bandcamp for other sick releases: http://baronsamedi.bandcamp.com/.
  • Foreign Beggars (Feat. Dr. Syntax) – Reach Out

    Foreign Beggars - Stray Point Agenda
    Classic track reaching out to various people by the Beggars alongside Syntax. Mellow beat. Good samples.
  • Chester P – The Greatest Story Never Told

    Chester P - From The Ashes
    An ill joint from Chessmonster's 2007 release, hosted by Louis Slipperz "From The Ashes". If you've never checked Chester P, you've been missing out. The imagery from this guy is next level.
  • Rewd Adams (Feat. Little Dee, Stylah, Ramson Badbonez & Awate) – Monster Things

    Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik - How Not To Make A Living
    The album dropped recently, and we've been waiting for it since the first single dropped (1st link below). This is the last track on the album, packed to the rafters with featuring artists!
  • Concept Of Thought – Like You (Dub)

    Concept Of Thought - Painting On Silence
    A bonus track taken from Concept of Thoughts first album, Painting on Silence. It's Frankie Stew over a yU beat (Garbage from the 'A Garbage Beat Tape') who is also really worth checking out if you're into that kind of stuff.
  • Jehst (Feat. Asaviour) – Weed

  • Jehst (Feat. Nmonic) – Bodyclock

    Jehst (Feat. Nmonic) - Bodyclock
    Old, old, old Jehst and Nmonic.
  • Klashnekoff (Feat. Jehst and Kyza) – Nightbreed

    Klashnekoff (Feat. Jehst & Kyza) - Nightbreed
    HUUUUUUUUUUGE song by three of the greatest names in UK Hip Hop.
  • Upfront MC (Feat. Bil Next) – Schooling MCs

    Upfront MC - Sound Of Evolution E.P
    Another beast of a track from Upfront's second EP. Bil Next kills it as the guest!
  • Foreign Beggars (Feat. Graziella) – In It For A Minute

    Foreign Beggars - Stray Point Agenda
    Tune. Fast. Straight up Hip Hop.
  • Task Force (Feat. Braintax and Jehst) – The Cosmic Gypsies

    Task Force - Voice Of The Great Outdoors
    You can't compile a database of UK Hip Hop lyrics without at least having this banger.
  • Task Force – Butterfly Concerto

    Task Force - Voice Of The Great Outdoors
    Another classic.
  • Split Prophets – Stuck In Their Strategy

    Split Prophets - Scribbled Thoughts
    Another wicked joint from the ever-performing Split Prophets. Don't miss the new video below that features the remixed version.
  • Rewd Adams – Bring It Back

    Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik - How Not To Make A Living
    Track 3 off this beast of an album. Track features the legendary Mr. Thing.
  • Rewd Adams – J.O.B.

    Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik - How Not To Make A Living
    J.O What? Yeah. Some bullshit economy.
  • Fliptrix – My Soul

    Fliptrix - Theory Of Rhyme
    One of many stand-out tracks from Fliptrix's second monster release Theory of Rhyme. The beat produced by 184 and matches the depth of Flip's bars perfectly. UK hip hop at it's finest.
  • Jam Baxter – Q

    Jam Baxter - The Gruesome Features
    I only got my copy of The Gruesome Features yesterday (yay for living in Australia) so excuse me for jumping on this bandwagon a little late. This album is a beast. I've only had one full play-through so far (pro-tip: slot Pipesmoke and Disco 3000 somewhere into the album to bump this up to an 18-track monster) and I'm speechless. Jammy B, you are insane.
  • Stig Of The Dump – The Truth Is…

    Stig Of The Dump - Cannon Fodder E.P
    Big Stig releases "112 bars of absolute truth" to warm us up for the release of his "Cannon Fodder E.P." dropping on Monday 10th September here.
  • Ralph Rip Shit (Feat. Dubbledge) – Kiss The Guns

    Ralph Rip Shit - Best Name E.P
    On a classic tip with Ralph Rip Shit and Dubbledge bringing you a jokes track featuring a sample from the film "Anchorman". Enjoy.
  • Stig Of The Dump – Hard Work

    Stig Of The Dump - Cannon Fodder E.P
    Make sure you cop Stig's news E.P. "Cannon Fodder". It's only 4 quid (5 for a physical copy). Stig stays angry with the flow! Some big tracks. Stig says: "The bridge between the laid back, comical hatred of "One" & the onslaught of BANGERS about to invade your ears. Hard Work is an ode to an abusive relationship, the one between a starving artist & his art... Every time you have had enough & you're about to walk away from it all, you remember why you fell in love with it in the first place."
  • Concept Of Thought (feat. Dirty Dike & Ed Scissortongue) – The Incredible Sulk

    Concept Of Thought - Painting On Silence
    We've done this one for reader Igor Uhl, who requested the lyrics for this track. Beast of a track too. Hope you enjoy Igor!
  • Ramson Badbonez (Feat. Brad Strut) – Crazy On My Mind

    Ramson Badbonez - Bad Influence
    A beast. A banger. Heavy. Fire - all them things! Been bumping this one a lot. Nice vocal sample, good lyrics, and some deep things. Enjoy. (We covered the release back in August. See here.
  • Verb T – The Morning Process

    Verb T - The Morning Process
    Quick one from Verb's new album. Pre-order this bad boy now!
  • Verb T – Said & Done

    Verb T - The Morning Process
    We posted this vid yesterday in the run-up to the release of Verb T's new album "The Morning Process".
  • Mowgli – Back To The Bricks

    Mowgli - 93
    One of many stand out tracks from Mowgli's first release 93. Stay tuned for an imminent review of Mowgli's newest project Montalk coming soon...
  • Telemachus & Jehst – The Sheltering Sky

    A single taken from Telemachus' debut LP "In The Evening". If you buy the dingle, you get a heavy remix from Paul White too. Worth checking out.
  • Ricochet – Mad Runningz

    Add your own herbs for a spicy time!
  • Jehst – City Of Industry

    Jehst - Return Of The Drifter
    Classic Jehst. One of our favourite tracks. "Now my thoughts are the colour of fire, And my nights spent bunnin' the kya, Uninspired by the freak-show, I see ghosts dance in the trail of my weed smoke". Produced by Jehst for High Plains Music Mixed by Braintax & Jehst Recorded at Low Life Cuts by DJ Ideal
  • Jehst – Nuke Proof Suit

    Jehst - Nuke-Proof Suit
    When you're in the club... Additional vocals by The Inmates Of Arkham Produced by Jehst for High Plains Music Scratches by DJ IQ Mixed by Jehst and LG
  • Lewis Parker – A Thousand Fragments

    Lewis Parker - Masquerades & Silhouettes
    An old one here, stooped in imagery. Produced and written by L.Parker for the world of Dusty Vinyl Co-written by T.Morphit aka Supa T Additional production by The Sea Mixed and Engineered by The Sea Assistant Engineers Martin Jenkins and Scott Howland Mixed at Milo The Garden Cuts and Scratches by DJ Bias/L.Parker/Giacomo
  • Mr. Boss (Feat. Fliptrix & Verb T) – Realisation

    Mr. Boss - The Landing Part II
    Reflective track from Mr. Boss' The Landing Part II. Introspective commentary from Messrs. Verb T and Fliptrix.
  • Skuff – NYE

    Single from Skuff's LP Destroy Everything.
  • Adam and Cuth – Break Your Heart

    Adam & Cuth - The Letters E.P.
    Adam goes on an epic rant on this one to round out the album, backed by a boom-bappy beat by Cuth. Watch this space for more lyrics by these two, and be sure to check out our review of the EP over here.
  • Mr Key – Sad Gaz

    Mr. Boss - The Landing Part II
    Everyone loves a bit of Mr Key. Relatively quiet but ridiculously talented, here we have one of the CP veterans spitting some deep bars over a tight Mr Boss beat. There were some hints a while back that an album was in the works for Key, so keep your eyes peeled...
  • The Four Owls – Not Like Before

    Four Owls - Nature's Greatest Mystery
    A beast of an album. An infectious beat on this track and four solid verses - each of the Owls stepping up. If you missed out on this one, you really missed out. Let us know if you want to see more Four Owls lyrics. Enjoy!
  • Frantic Frank – The Hardway

    Frantic Frank - The Hardway
    A bit different to what we normally put out, but this one's a classic to us. Been bumping this mixtape for years now. It's a real motivational piece. Nothing gets you fired up more than this - and not in a a bad way. It's not empty gun bars and hype noise, it's a social commentary. Frantic Frank is now known as English Frank. (His latest mixtape is called "Listen To Frank"). Let us know if you want more.
  • Adam and Cuth – Got It Back

    Adam & Cuth - The Letters E.P.
  • Adam and Cuth – Shining

    Adam & Cuth - The Letters E.P.
  • Dan Shaw – Veterans

    Skuff - Destroy Everything
    Let me preface this by acknowledging that we know very little about Dan Shaw. All that we do know is that he was from a crew called The Untold and was a good mate of Skuff's. The raw emotion Skuff allows through on the preceding track Dan Shaw (In Loving Memory) from his latest album Destroy Everything left us with goosebumps. Luckily, the final track on the album is a sample of Dan's enormous talent and obvious skill that was produced and mastered by Skuff himself. We thought that the least we could do was put together the lyrics for this track to show our respect and leave a little part of him immortalized on the internet for all time to come. R.I.P. Dan Shaw.
  • Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn – 1994

    Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn - Paid To Listen
  • Verb T (Feat. Fliptrix, Jam Baxter & Karizma) – On The Edge Part 2

    Verb T - The Morning Process
  • Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn – Background

    Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn - Paid To Listen
  • SE Fire – In Every

    SE Fire - Match In The Ocean
    This one's a request from Angel Dimitrov, a reader. He actually brought SE Fire to our attention. Out of Bristol, SE Fire brings you heartfelt vibes on this one, with a deep female chorus, and a musical outro to the track, that you don't expect, but fits the flavour nicely.
  • Rhyme Asylum – Solitary Confinement

    Rhyme Asylum - Solitary Confinement
    Since we're expecting a new track from Rhyme Asylum's Possessed next week, we decided to post you the lyrics for the title track to their 2010 album "Solitary Confinement". Enjoy.
  • Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn – Just Another Day

    This one dropped a little earlier this year and the instrumental is available on the VPVB Beat-Tape.
  • Mystro – Neighbours

    Mystro - Mystrogen
    Nice guy rapper Mystro released his LP "Mystrogen" in September, and we've been bumping it! Packed with Mystrogen (you need it!) the album maintains quite a light-hearted vibe, with upbeat rhythms. As always, Mys rocks tight rhyming with stories, anecdotes and comments on the world around him. We recommend you go cop the album (link below), and get yourself a bit of merchandise while you're at it. To coin a phrase: "Peace Mutha Lovaz!"
  • Mr Key – Central Wank (Space Raiders)

    Contact Play - Champion Fraff (Gold Edition)
    Another bit of Key from the 'Gold Edition' of Champion Fraff. Immaculate flow, playful imagery, banger of a track. It's Contact Play...what else do you expect? SMB!
  • Res & DatKid (Split Prophets) – Comparisons

    Res & DatKid from Split Prophets team up to produce a nice ditty, with an infectious beat. They use great imagery to make comparisons, and this one is as catchy as ever.
  • Skuff – (I Don’t) Like This

    Skuff - Aversion Therapy
  • Verb T – Where You Find Me

    Verb T - The Morning Process
    Verb T dropped a new video today (28/11/2012) for a chillin' track from his recent album "Morning Process". So I thought I'd do up the lyrics for you! I'm feeling this one a lot, cos I can really relate to Verb's attitude to life, going out, and the people around. I often feel the same, and I think in the modern world, thinking for yourself and doing your own thing is an underrated aspect of life. If you haven't copped Morning Process yet, use the link below, and go grab it!
  • Phi Life Cypher – Drop Bombs

    Phi Life Cypher - Millenium Metaphors
    Straight up classic from Phi Life! Old school bars on a classic sounding beat.
  • Fliptrix – Cycles

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
    First single off Flip's new album set to drop next week!
  • Edward Scissortongue – Better.Luck.Next.Life

    Ed Scissortongue - Better.Luck.Next.Life
  • Edward Scissortongue – Please Say Something

    Ed Scissortongue - Better.Luck.Next.Life
  • Edward Scissortongue – The Muffle Coffin

    Ed Scissortongue - Better.Luck.Next.Life
  • Edward Scissortongue – Rosegarden

    Ed Scissortongue - Better.Luck.Next.Life
  • Edward Scissortongue – Garotte

    Ed Scissortongue - Better.Luck.Next.Life
  • Edward Scissortongue – Fluids

    Ed Scissortongue - Better.Luck.Next.Life
  • Edward Scissortongue – Wastewater

    Ed Scissortongue - Better.Luck.Next.Life
  • Edward Scissortongue – Spastic Max

    Ed Scissortongue - Better.Luck.Next.Life
  • Dialect – Laygate To Vegas

    Dialect - Dialect
    Quality tune from the North-East. Dialect bringing you Laygate To Vegas. This whole album is definitely worth checking out, there are some really solid tracks on it.
  • Fliptrix – Star Beings

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
  • Fliptrix – Heart Full Of Love

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
    Dare you to not nod your head to this one!
  • Fliptrix – Sounds

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
  • Fliptrix – Against The Grain

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
  • Fliptrix – The Realisation

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
    The fifth track to be lifted from Fliptrix's fourth solo album. Energy in this one! Would you fast forward? Are you looking at the truth or perception? Are you looking at the flaws or perfection?
  • Fliptrix – Survival

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
  • Fliptrix – Circulated Stanzas

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
  • Fliptrix – Something’s Going On

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
  • Fliptrix – Hyperborean Dreams

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
  • Fliptrix – Been Here Before

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
  • Fliptrix – Let The World Unite

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
  • Fliptrix – The High Way

    Fliptrix - The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway
  • Jehst – True Intention

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Track 1 from Jehst's [The] Dragon Of An Ordinary Family which I've just clocked was put out 6 years after Nuke Proof Suit!! Even the BBC wants a piece of this action. Track produced by LG. Credits: Produced by LG for Think Russian Productions | Mixed by LG at The Nest, London | Recorded by Jehst at High Plains HQ, Jamestown, London.
  • Jehst – Killer Instinct

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Killer Instinct self-produced by Jehst. Credits: Produced by Jehst for High Plains Music | Mixed by Chemo and Jehst at Kilamanjaro Studios, The Basement, London | Recorded by Chemo at Kilamanjaro Studios, The Basment, London | Cuts by Mr Thing.
  • Jehst – Zombies

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Track 3 from TDOAOF. Credits: Produced by Jazz T & Zygote for Boot Productions | Mixed by Zygote & Jazz T at Boot Studios, Guildford | Recorded by Jehst at Kilamanjaro Sutdios, Jamestown, London | Cuts by Jazz T.
  • Jehst – Thinking Crazy

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Track 4 from The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family. Credits: Produced by Mr Thing for Extended Players | Additional production by Jehst for High Plains Music | Mixed by Chemo at Klamanjaro Studios, The Basement, London | Recorded by Jehst at High Plains HQ, Jamestown, London | Tenor Saxophone by John Waugh | Trumpet by Greg Nicholas | Bass guitar by LG | Cuts by Mr Thing.
  • Jehst – England

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Track 5 from the 2011 album The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family. Credits: Produced by Beat Butcha for Timmy Mullet Entertainment | Mixed by Chemo at Kilamanjaro Sutdios, The Basement, London | Recorded by Jehst at High Plains HQ, Jamestown, London | Recorded by Beat Butcha at Beckwith Road, London
  • Jehst – Camberwell Carrots

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Track 6 from The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family. Credits: Produced by LG for Think Russian Productions | Mixed by LG at The Nest, London | Recorded by Jehst at Kilamanjaro Studios, The Basement, London | Cuts by LG.
  • Jehst – Starting Over

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Check the mail son! Track 7 from The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family. Credits: Produced by Jehst for High Plains Music | Mixed by Chemo and Jehst at Kilamanjaro Studios, The Basement, London | Recorded by Jehst at Kilamanjaro Studios, The Basement, London.
  • Edward Scissortongue (Feat. Contact Play) – Coma

    Ed Scissortongue - Better.Luck.Next.Life
    Wow, what a track! I can't stop rinsing this one. Taken from Scissortongue's album, the whole Contact Play crew get unleashed on this one. Personal favourite moment in the video at 3:21 - peep Bosh's face.
  • Fliptrix – Earth’s Axis

    Fliptrix - Mind Travelling E.P.
    Track taken from one of the E.P.s released in the run up to Fliptrix's 3rd Album "Third Eye Of The Storm". Lyrics transcribed for Adison Burke.
  • Jehst – Old No. 7

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Continuing the run of tracks from The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family. Credits: Produced by Chemo for Chemo Productions | Additional production by Jehst for High Plains Music | Mixed by Chemo and Jehst at Kilamanjaro Studios, The Basement, London | Recorded by Jehst at Arkham Asylum, The Fortess, London | Cuts by Jazz T.
  • Jehst – The Illest

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Continuing the run of tracks from The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family. Credits: Produced by Jehst for High Plains Music | Mixed by Chemo and Jehst at Kilamanjaro Studios, The Basement, London | Recorded by Jehst at Kilamanjaro Studios, Jamestown, London | Additional vocals by Apollo | Cuts by Jazz T.
  • Jehst – Sounds Like Money

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Credits: Produced by Jehst for High Plains Music | Mixed by Chemo and Jehst at Kilamanjaro Studios, London | Recorded by Jehst and Jon Phonics at Kilamanjaro Studios, The Basment, London | Additional vocals by Pif Mayo | Cuts by Mr Thing.
  • Jehst – Back To The Drawing Board

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Credits: Produced by Chemo for Chemo Productions | Mixed by Chemo at Kilamanjaro Sutdios, The Basement, London | Recorded by Jehst at Kilamanjaro Studios, Jamestown, London.
  • Jehst (Feat. Graziella) – Poison

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Track 12. Credits: Produced by LG for Think Russian Productions | Mixed by LG at The Nest, London | Recorded by LG at Arkham Asylum, The Fortress, London | Additional recording by Jehst at High Plains HQ, Jamestown, London | Additional vocals by Graziella | Cuts by LG.
  • Jehst – Tears In Rain

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Track 14. Credits: Produced by LG for Think Russian Productions | Mixed by LG at The Nest, London | Recorded by Jehst at Arkham Asylum, The Fortress, London | Flute by Biscuit.
  • Jehst – Timeless

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Track 15. Credits: Produced by Jon Phonics for Ill Clinton Productions | Mixed by Chemo for Kilamanjaro Studios, The Basement, London | Recorded by Jon Phonics and Jehst at Kilamanjaro Studios, The Basement, London | Additional vocals by Jyager.
  • Jehst – Two Point Four (The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family)

    Jehst - The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
    Track 16, which concludes the album lyrics!. Credits: Produced by LG for Think Russian Productions | Mixed by LG at The Nest, London | Recorded by Jehst at High Plains HQ, Jamestown, London | Cuts by LG.
  • Ceiling Demons – Lord, I Must Be Strong Now

    Ceiling Demons - The Ceiling Demons E.P
    The first single taken from Ceiling Demons' debut E.P.
  • QELD – Literature Rap

    QELD - Literature Rap
    Southern spitters QELD (Quelle Est La Date) drop a tight new track from their upcoming album "Kush Zombies".
  • Brotherman – Intro

    Brotherman - The Dark & The Light
    An absolute stormer from Brotherman. Track 1 from the second part of his brilliant 2008 double E.P. "The Dark And The Light" is fire. This track gives you more of what you got before (in The Dark), and more of what is yet to come (The Light) - and that is straight brilliance. This is one of my favourite tracks. Brotherman is set to be dropping some new stuff very soon, so keep it locked and we'll let you know. No video/ track available. Check it out on Beatport, then go cop it.
  • Yungun – City Breaks

    Yungun - The Essance
    A chilled track from Yungun's 2004 album "The Essance". Yungun is now releasing under his other pseudonym Essa. This track explores the theme of the city, or rather, getting away from it. The pressure and stress of the city and the peace and quiet of "other" places.
  • Split Prophets (Blanka, Paro, Datkid) (Feat. D Green & DJ Rogue) – The High Life

    Split Prophets
    Bristol's Split Prophets drop another tune to kick off 2013 with an attitude of maximum work rate. Expect more from this crew soon.
  • The Four Owls – All My Life

    Four Owls - Nature's Greatest Mystery
    Track 4 from The Four Owl's Nature's Greatest Mystery. Sick track and not sure why we didn't do the lyrics before. Actually, there are some terrible copies floating around the Internet, but ours are 99% there. A single line missing.
  • Doc Brown – In My Life

    Doc Brown - Citizen Smith Vol. 1
    Track 6 from Doc Brown's Citizen Smith Vol. 1. This is quality UK Hip Hop sampling all British vibes: the Beatles and Klashnekoff. Doc takes you on a tour of his youth, life in London, and the problem he and others faced growing up.
  • Illustrate – Corner Shop

    Illustrate - Bedroom Production
    This track is taken from a mixtape by Illustrate a.k.a. Ollie Bates, dating back to about 2004. Unfortunately, it's no longer available on the web including Headcount Records' Bandcamp page. That said, definitely check out the track and visit Headcount Records for some great stuff by Illustrate. The mixtape was hosted by Genesis Elijah, who cracks jokes between tracks, helping to add a bit of comedy around the generally light-hearted themes of the mixtape.
  • Kings Of The City – Please Tell Me

    Kings Of The City - No Guts E.P
    Another single from Kings Of The City's upcoming double E.P. "No Guts / No Glory". The track features a man battling his own wits, seemingly armed with some chunk of knowledge that others refuse to listen to. The track fuses rock with hip hop, providing for some musical diversity.
  • Kings Of The City – Forest Of Babylon

    Kings Of The City - No Guts E.P
    "Forest Of Babylon" is the B-side from Please Tell Me, both of which are taken from "No Guts / No Glory E.P.". This track is perhaps a cautionary tale regarding relationships, and contrasts the young/single life style, with that of an older man with increased responsibilities. References to weed are evident too, showing the positives and negatives.
  • Chester P – Little Man

    Chester P - New Mic Order Part 2
    A great track from Chester P's New Mic Order Part 2. This one sees a message of encouragement to today's youth. The world is big, unfair and sometimes shitty, but your life is what you make of it. The track also contains a message to be heeded by the older generation: "We gotta secure something for these children. It's like they're tomorrow's premonition. Yesterday won't work today". Enjoy.
  • Dirty Dike – Consequences

    Dirty Dike - The Sloshpot E.P
    Track 1 from Dirty Dike's 2013 "The Sloshpot E.P.". This track sees Dike reminiscing on his time in prison, his release and life after jail. Produced by Mr Boss, this track bumps a heavy bassline, a voice of clarity from Dirty Dike, and visuals featuring a variety of High Focus members.
  • Mowgli – Cadence

    Mowgli - Mont.alk
    Gah, I have no idea how we missed this. Mowlgi's Mont.alk Project dropped four months ago, and only now am I discovering this information. The good news though is that we have the lyrics, and that the project is a free download available from his Soundcloud below.
  • Mowgli – Choose

    Mowgli - Mont.alk
    Gah, I have no idea how we missed this. Mowlgi's Mont.alk Project dropped four months ago, and only now am I discovering this information. The good news though is that we have the lyrics, and that the project is a free download available from his Soundcloud below.
  • Mowgli – Condense

    Mowgli - Mont.alk
    Gah, I have no idea how we missed this. Mowlgi's Mont.alk Project dropped four months ago, and only now am I discovering this information. The good news though is that we have the lyrics, and that the project is a free download available from his Soundcloud below.
  • Jehst – Keep It Live

    Jehst - Keep It Live
    A single from Jehst. I believe this is his only material officially released under his pseudonym Billy Brimstone. CREDITS: Love, peace and elbow grease. Dr. Blunted S. Chongson. The Leauge of Xtraordinary Gentlemen, Jellystone Park, April 2005. Dedicated to the memory of Percy Heath 1923-2005. Produced by Billy Brimstone for High Plains Music. Record & mixed by Greenberg & Brimstone in The Cave, Bedrock. Mastered by Walter Coelho at Masterpiece, London. Design by Kriptikink. YNR 021 - YNR Productions.
  • Chester P – Trouble And Strife

    DJ Louis Slipperz 10 Bag - Vol. 3
    We're starting to post tracks from our favourite UKHH mixtape of all time. This is Track 19 on the fantastic "£10 Bag (Volume 3)". Chester P killing it as per. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more tracks from this mixtape.
  • Chester P – Glass House

    DJ Louis Slipperz 10 Bag - Vol. 3
    Another track (Track 2) from Louis Slipperz £10 Bag (Volume 3) from Chester P. One of my favourite lyrics in this track "As a boy I slapped men, as a man I slap Gods if they lack sense". Enjoy.
  • Jehst – Brimstone Rock

    Jehst - Falling Down
    Continuing the run of tracks from £10 Bag (Volume 3), here is Track 4. Jehst with Brimstone Rock. This track is also on his 2003 album "Falling Down". Beat comes courtesy of one Mr Lewis Parker. Enjoy.
  • Yungun – Push

    DJ Louis Slipperz 10 Bag - Vol. 3
    Back with more from Louis Slipperz' mixtape, this is Track 6: Yungun with "Push". "Push" was also released on a 12" and Yungun's first album "The Essance".
  • Farma G – I Love Dee Cake!!

    Farma G - It's A Funny Old Game Mixtape
    A jokes track with a clever concept from Farma G. If you like your cakes, you'll like this track. Taken from Farms' 2009 mixtape "It's A Funny Old Game".
  • Micall Parknsun – My Own Worst Enemy

    Micall Parknsun - Me Myself And Akai
    An introspective track from Micall Parknsun here. Micall explores his faults and apologises for certain aspects of his life and certain life choices.
  • Rewd Adams – Colours

    Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik - How Not To Make A Living
    Rewd Adans telling a story that is surely familiar to many across the world.
  • Broken Poetz – Seldom Seen

    Broken Poetz - The Pen, The Pad & The Things We Had
    Broken Poetz are Mystero and D.Know. Their E.P. will be released on March 31st 2013, and in advance we bring you this quality track from them. Heartfelt lyrics aplenty, this is considered material, clearly garnered from life experience. Enjoy. More info here.
  • Task Force – JD On Ice

    DJ Louis Slipperz 10 Bag - Vol. 3
    Chester P and Farma G bring you a tale of destruction and woe in two young people. Track 16 from DJ Louis Slipperz' £10 Bag (Volume 3). Produced by RawDog.
  • 3 Amigos – My Music

    3 Amigos - World War Three
    An insight into the love of making music from 3 Amigos. BVA and Leaf Dog, and Naive on the beats.
  • Ceiling Demons – Mendacity

    Ceiling Demons - The Ceiling Demons E.P
    Ceiling Demons Psy Ceiling and Dan Demon release this track "Mendacity", exploring escapism.
  • QELD – We Can Go

    QELD - Kush Zombies
  • Night Movements – Waste Of Space

    An absolute banger of a tune from this Birmingham collective. We shared the video for this track and now we bring the lyrics, submitted by one of the MCs. Nice imagery created, and comically self-deprecating. Enjoy.
  • QELD – 28 Draws Later

    QELD - Kush Zombies
    A brilliant track from QELD - again. These guys have a way with words to say the least, and their rhymes are always packed with conscious comments and varied messages. Opting for a laidback beat as is a QELD signature, the rhymes are allowed to take centre stage and both emcees showcase their talents. More from QELD soon in their upcoming album "Kush Zombies".

    QELD - Kush Zombies
    Another tune from your favourite political flex rappers: Bobby Stalin and the Military Juntre, the Dictatorship of the Yolotariat, sending wack bougie rappers back to the labour camps.