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High Fidelity (E.P.)

M9’s 2007 album which is more recently being re-released as a special vinyl edition. TRACK LIST: 1. Intro 01:17 2. 1st Chamber (Feat. Exodus & Cyrus Malachi) 03:17 3. Lock And Load (Chemo Remix) 03:44 4. Lost Children Freestyle (Feat.Triple Darkness) 03:51 5. Government Agendaz 02:37 6. Holy Water (Feat. Phoenix Da Icefire) 02:55 7. … Read in full

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Ben Diamond – The Diamond LP

Since last summer we have seen a swift and heavy evolution in the music of young Ben Diamond. His first release, the Bennadict EP, was a home-produced classic that came out of seemingly nowhere. Followed by projects with HHIE favourites Dirty Dike and LeafDog he never seemed to waiver from his laid-back-lean-up flow and beat … Read in full

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